Some wild moments in Sariska!

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SO finally the cliché of the visit. Earlier four accounts- Bhangarh, Kankwari, Neelkanth and the Birds were quite fascinating and actually different from usual routines of visit to the national park. But then what about the wild inside you? Bhangarh might not haunt you but not sighting a tiger in the tiger reserve is certainly going to haunt you to a certain degree for a considerable duration of time. Purely on that terms Sariska has been third time lucky for me. My first trip to Sariska was almost thirty years ago when tiger safari was not a fancy idea, and second one 17 years ago when tiger was always second in my thought. (What was the first?)

Sariska Safari1

Foggy entry through the Sariska gate to the tiger reserve

But then as I have always said that though its always fascinating to watch a tiger in the wild, but not watching it doesn’t creates a sort of disappointment until I have given full time to the jungle. I thoroughly enjoy the jungles sans tiger too, as the most true wildlife enthusiasts will actually do. In that sense as well, safari in Sariska was quite satisfying.

Sariska Safari2


Jungle was as beautiful as always. But interesting part is that no two jungles and no two visits to the same jungle look the same. The  three hour safari had its moments of joy, admiration, awe and pure love. I am revisiting the safari only on those moments, and they are absolutely not in any particular order.

Well, we had the tiger sighting within first 25 minutes into safari, so once we had it, it made the rest of safari time relaxing and anxiety free. Tiger sighting was close but not from front as he chose to just walk in front of the cavalcade of the safari vehicles.

So here are the few glimpses of the mighty cat-

But this sighting was not without a drama and slightly unpleasant one. I always believe that one should enjoy the wildlife that comes their way during safari. It can be and it should be your luck to see an animal, not your right. There has been long debate about use of radio collars on tigers. Still they were accepted as way to track them and save them from poaching. But to use radio collars to help tiger sighting in safari is a bit ugly practice. Here too, while we were waiting for the tiger at a nullah, a supposedly VIP came on another safari vehicle along with a radio tracker, who kept on tracking the exact location of tiger and thus the whole group of six safari vehicles kept following the tiger guided by radio tracker. Look for yourself-

Talking about cats, I have not been so far fortunate to see them hunting in the wild. But we got to see a kill of a leopard who hunted a sambhar and then dragged him up on a tree. Leopard was not there but the kill was still hanging up on the tree-

As per numbers, it is the deer family which rules the jungles. You can find them everywhere and actually observing their behaviour patiently is also very interesting-

Another scene worth remembering from the safari was the cheetal-monkey play. Deer-monkey friendship is always take about in jungle tales. It was so warming to see them play and then drink water together from the same pond-

I had already written in earlier posts about the number of peahens and peacocks in the region. Same was here inside the park. They were everywhere- playing and dancing. How beautiful this bird is!

Talking about birds, here is another one, a Jungle Babbler that I will not forget for its sheer sharpness, alertness and daring behaviour-

And while returning see, who was there to see off from the park after the end of the safari-

These forests always remind us of what we are and what we are supposed to be.

Sariska Safari46


  1. These “vip” jeeps convert wildlife reserves into private zoos in many ways. They not only use radio collars as you saw, but I’ve also seen them drive off the designated track into the jungle.

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Yea, its annoying and irony is that at some point of time everyone wants to be in that VIP seat for safari. Harmful for wildlife.

  2. magiceye says:

    Nice captures

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks a lot @magiceye

  3. 2travellingsisters says:

    Beautiful captures of the wildlife, you were quite lucky to sight tiger within 25 minutes! 🙂

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks. Indeed it was my lucky day.

  4. Radio collars for sightings is a pathetic practice:( No wonder our sanctuaries are turning into zoos:(

    Loved your pictures! Thanks for bringing the jungle alive on my screen 🙂

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks a lot Divsi for sharing the concern.

  5. You are really lucky coz you got a sight of Tiger. I have been to several national parks such as Bandipur, Madhumalai and Ranthambore but never got any opportunity to see this animal. Soon i will be visiting Jim Corbett. Lets hope 🙂

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks a lot Manu. Sighting a tiger lot depends on combination of many factors and most importantly being at a right place at right time. It might be sheer luck as well. I have tiger sightings in Ranthambore twice in two days, in Panna also on my both visits, so was lucky with lions in Gir as well… but missed in Dudhwa, Corbett, Rajaji, Dandeli etc. I hope you get a sighting in Corbett next time.

  6. Very nice post..

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks a lot for nice words!

  7. Rashminotes says:

    Great captures and nice sightings!

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks a lot Rashmi.

  8. You are really fortunate as many visitors could not see these animals . Great to read your writeup

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks a lot Yogi.

  9. xhobdo says:

    Awesome pics.

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks a lot Rupam.

  10. Sapna Kapoor says:

    Wow…. Is the only comment, I like to make on your this post 🙂

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks a lot Sapna!

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks a lot Indrajit.

  11. Sims says:

    Wow, quite a good number of sightings. Worth the visit, and beautifully narrated post.

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks a lot

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