A notched up performer in ZenFone5Z by Asus

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Asus has brought back its ZenUI for ZenFone5Z, which it had done away with in its ZenFone Max Pro M1 just a couple of months back, but it promised to keep it as clean and as blot free as possible. Still that hardly mattered in all discussions around the launch of the new flagship smartphone by the Taiwanese giant.

In its first impressions Zenfone 5z looks like a good performer. Asus has tried to pump in many things into its body. So as it has positioned itself as competitor to the likes of OnePlus 6 in performance, it has also simultaneously got itself a notched up display to look like Apple iPhone X.  Packed in a aluminium body the phone comes in two colours- meteor silver and midnight blue.

So, a notched display in 6.2 inches screen size is what makes it look smarter and trendy. Got glass on the back and its 165 gm body is 7.7 mm thick. Overall its design has got that premium feel.

So while the notched up display feels great for the gamers, it also gives you the option to hide the notch and let it look like more normal phone.

Good for gaming lovers

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Simple setting to hide the notch

Bezel size and the bottom chin also has been reduced quite a lot to give it a bigger display

Asus Zenfone5z comes with Snapdragon 845 processor paired with Adreno 630 GPU for graphics. It is currently the best octa-core processor from Qualcomm, the same one as in OnePlus 6. This chip should take care of its solid performance.

The Qualcomm power

Better still is the 6GB RAM to start with and a 8GB RAM in its top variant. So, it gives wonderful experience of working on many apps simultaneously without a lag in speed or performance, making multitasking more enjoyable. ASUS is also said to have worked closely with Qualcomm to incorporate more AI features in this particular phone to make it stand out among all other phones with the same chip set.

Power packed performer

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Another feature that ASUS proudly talks about its latest flagship phone is its camera. Zenfone5z comes with a dual rear camera. Main camera has a 12 MP sensor and secondary camera has a 8 MP sensor for 200 percent wider shots (but reduced resolution of course).

Dual rear camera

It also has a 8MP front camera for selfies and video calls. While the rear camera can record 4K videos, front camera has the capability to record 1080p HD videos. Looks good on paper but camera capabilities always have to be tested on hand in regular use.

 Another aspect that ASUS talks a lot about its latest phone is the use of Artificial Intelligence. It has incorporated more user sensing abilities in this phone and one of the areas loaded with this is it its camera sensor.

Bringing more to the camera technology

Phone has better features to put it to more professional use, better portraits and low-light photography. But for all those, who still prefer to let their camera work upon itself, this phone comes with a lot of options even in the auto mode.

Scene detection using artificial intelligence

One of the intelligent features is the automatic scene selection and adjusting the camera sensors accordingly. This sensor is said to be so developed that it can even differentiate between a cat and a dog. While taking a photo, sensor identifies the scene and displays its selection on the screen.

Camera detecting a flower

This feature is indeed helpful for all those who don’t want to go in nitty-gritty of composing a photograph using manual functions. Phone also uses intelligence in sorting your images in the folders section. It segregates the solo and group pictures, selfies, etc, in different folders automatically so as to help you in better search of the images from your stock.

Folder view of the gallery section

Zenfone 5z also gives a wonderful audio experience and is said to be among the only phones which have used two audio apps at a time to give an exhilarating sound. This again is something, which needs to be tested more in normal conditions for a verdict.

Audio capabilities of the ASUS Zenfone5z

ASUS also claims to have brought AI into battery charging. It has got a 3300mAh batter, similar to OnePlus 6. It also supports fast charging which can charge the phone from 5 % to 100 % in just slightly more than an hour. Battery power looks good but still remains to seen how it performs while hard gaming or long photography sessions. For all those who are habitual of night time charging, ASUS claims to have brought AI to increase the battery life which is often victim of overcharging. When plugged in for night charging, it will only charge the phone to 80% and let it be like this whole night before charging it to 100% right before the morning. Asus says, it can double the battery life in this manner.

Intelligent charging!

Unlike its earlier phones, Zenfone5z comes with a Asus headset bundled in the box. Phone retains the 3.5mm headphone jack and also offers a USB Type-C port on the bottom. The phone comes with Type-C to mini USB adaptor to enable it to get charged with other chargers as well. It is handy and relieves your memory of the pressure to remember to carry its Type-C charger everywhere.


Zenfone5z comes in three variants and two colours. Price of Rs 29,999 makes it the cheapest phone with Snapdragon 845 chip. Even the base variant comes with hybrid slot to increase the storage.


Besides the ICICI bank offer, the phone also comes with a Complete Mobile Protection Plan offered by Flipkart for Rs 499 only.  Phone goes on sale from 9th July (three days from now) exclusively on Flipkart.

Have you used any ASUS smart phone earlier? How has been the experience? Share with us in the comments section below.

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