The spirit of Christmas at a mountain of surprise

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Stuttgart is said to be a very green city with a lot of forest and vineyards, even downtown in the centre of the city are vineyards located, this is a very unique, and typical Stuttgart, situation. Stuttgart offers a various and multifaceted cultural scene with a tremendous amount of events every day and a lot of museums like Mercedes Benz Museum, Porsche Museum the State Art Gallery or the Art Gallery of the City of Stuttgart and new library a very unique building. With the Beer festivals in spring (Frühlingsfest) and autumn (Cannstatter Wasen), both belong to the biggest in Germany and Europe there is another attractive reason to visit Stuttgart!

Best Christmas markets

Nowhere has more romantic Christmas markets than South West Germany, with medieval and Baroque palaces and houses providing the backdrop for dozens of beautifully-decorated wooden stalls. Visit the elegant Christmas market in Baden-Baden where candles flicker and lights sparkle against the backdrop of the Kurhaus while more than 100 beautifully decorated wooden stalls offer unusual local arts, crafts and gifts. Taste chocolate in every shape and form at the Chocolate Festival “chocolART” in Tübingen with handmade chocolate, praline courses and even special chocolate menus at local restaurants. Feel the special and romantic atmosphere at the Christmas market in the Ravenna Gorge in the Black Forest with the railway viaduct soaring above. As you can see South West Germany boasts some of Europe´s most authentic Christmas markets, with something for everyone.

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Castle at the most beautiful mountain

One of the main attractions of the region is Hohenzollern Castle. Counts and princes, the kings of Prussia and even the German emperors have their roots here at Hohenzollern Castle in the heart of Baden-Württemberg between Lake Constance and Stuttgart. The proud fortress perched on conical Mount Zoller offers majestic panoramic views stretching over more than 100 kilometers. Among other events the castle organizes the Royal Christmas Market every year at 1st and 2nd Advent weekend. A broad spectrum of exhibitors as well as a stylish supporting program invite to a festive delight, to experience, discover and shop. The castle is a historic as well as a distinct lively place which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world all year round. Castle’s collection includes a significant picture gallery, valuable silver and china as well as the Prussian King’s Crown. Besides, numerous concerts, open-air cinema, exhibitions and one of Germany’s most beautiful Christmas markets make the Castle to an attractive cultural event all year round. The first personal related reference of the Hohenzollern House dates back to 1061. First direct mention of the Castle complex (“Castro Zolre”) was in 1267. Appearance, size and furnishing of the original Castle are unknown, but presumably it was in the first decade of the 11th century. At that time it must have been a vast and artistically valuable furnished complex. Since than, the castle has been destroyed and resurrected a few times. Castle complex was jointly restored by both Hohenzollern lines in the 19th century and is private property up to now. For almost a thousand years it provides temporary housing for the family.

Inside the castle

With its many towers and fortifications, it is an acclaimed masterpiece of military architecture in the 19th century. Additional civil architectural elements make it to a unique attraction. The location on the most beautiful mountain in Swabia, gives the Castle a picturesque appearance. From 1952 Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia initiated to have the Castle furnished with valuable work of arts and historically significant hereditary pertaining to the history of Prussia and its Kings. In addition to paintings from renowned artists (Honthorst, Pesne, von Werner, von Lenbach and Laszlo), there is a display of gold- and silversmith works from the 17th to the 19th century. In 1970 and in 1978 earthquakes caused immense damage to the Castle.

Prussian King’s Crown at castle

A museum of viniculture

The Stuttgart Museum of Viniculture is housed in the historic former wine-press building in the idyllic wine-growing village of Stuttgart-Uhlbach. The museum’s collection of exhibits tells the story of over 2.000 years of wine-growing in this region. With the help of the many interesting exhibits on display visitors can learn about the many different aspects of wine-growing in Stuttgart and its region. At the end of the circular tour visitors can take part in a wine-tasting session in the modern Vinothek while overlooking the historical building. 

Easy to get around

SouthWest Germany, the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, is right in the heart of Europe and is bordered by France, Switzerland and Austria. Easy to get to, easy to get around, easy to have fun: that’s SouthWest Germany, a real four-season destination! With history and high-tech, romantic palaces and vibrant cities, natural beauty, glamour and fun, SouthWest Germany guarantees something for everyone. 

Castle in the winters

Stuttgart Airport is located in the heart of Baden-Württemberg between the Black Forest, Lake Constance and the Swabian Alb. It is the gateway to one of the largest and economically strongest federal states in Germany and at the same time the starting point for a journey full of cultural and scenic diversity. From STR you have the possibility to travel with only one stop to many different places in India. For example, you can reach Stuttgart from Delhi via Zurich daily by Swiss International Air Lines and likewise via Istanbul (IST) daily by Turkish Airlines in around 10 hours flight time. From Mumbai, you can reach Stuttgart via Frankfurt operated by Lufthansa and via Istanbul operated by Turkish Airlines as well daily. 

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Have you ever been in Germany for Christmas? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.

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