Celebrating coffee where it all started- Ethiopia

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The ‘Horn of Africa’ is taking baby steps amidst chaos to transform itself from decades of authoritarian rule, but there is lot more about this nation. You might not think of it as your favourite tourist destination, but Ethiopia is one place you must visit to truly taste an exquisite blend. It is widely considered the birthplace of coffee. Witnessing the process of how the coffee is brewed is in itself something one would appreciate before they even enjoy their first cup of coffee. 

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It is said that coffee was discovered in Ethiopia as long as the 9th century. The aroma of the beans roasting in the fire fills the air… Its delicious. The Ethiopian coffee ceremony is central to the communities of many Ethiopian locations. Coffee remains a central part of Ethiopian culture. Life is Ethiopia is celebrated with coffee, it is an integral part of daily life so celebrating the joy of coffee with the rest of the world is only fitting for this beautiful land. In Ethiopia coffee appears in many expression of life, food and even relationships as wells as gossips. It can be understood with the simple fact that coffee ceremony takes place three times a day (morning, noon and evening) and each ceremony stretches upto two to three hours. This ceremony is also considered must on social gatherings and welcoming guests at home.

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On December 4-5 this year, coffee lovers from all over the world will come to the beginning of all-where humankind has been enjoying a great cup of coffee for centuries! Coffee producers, roasters, exporters, researchers, writers will gather at the UN Conference Centre followed by a coffee safari to Kaffa—the region that brought this magical bean to all of us! Today, over 12 million people in Ethiopia are involved in cultivation and picking of coffee. Coffee plays central role in diet and is important source of sustenance. There are many legends regarding origin of coffee in Kaffa and also about how it was consumed, whether as rolled out small balls after making a paste out of coffee and ghee or brewed in hot water. Even the name coffee is said to have derived from word Kaffa. Birthplace of wild Arabica coffee Kaffa is also a Biosphere Reserve in southwest Ethiopia. The cloud forest of Kaffa is also home to numerous rare and endangered animal and plant species, which make it a unique place to visit. Visitors to this region can therefore look forward to experiencing authentic cultures, colourful coffee ceremonies as well as striking landscapes and exciting wildlife.

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There is lot more to know about how coffee than spread out in world. And, this event might be just perfect for that. Spearheaded by the New Spirit of Africa, Ethiopian Airlines, along with the Ethiopian Coffee & Tea Authority, Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association, Ethiopian Tourism Organisation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Trade, the upcoming International Coffee Event is projected to bring together multiple stakeholders from all over the world including coffee exporters, coffee researchers, coffee roasters and exhibitors and will serve as an ideal platform for experience sharing and networking. 

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Have you ever witnessed Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony? What was your experience? Share this with us in comments section below.

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Featured post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

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