Watching Blue Whale and Dolphins at Mirissa

Have you ever wondered, that how and where you can watch the biggest living animal on this planet without having to part with a fortune! Where you can watch the Blue Whale closest to India? Actually, despite having spotted a Blue Whale some years back off the Malwan coast in Konkan region, there is no place in India from where you can spot whales with regularity, hence there is no whale watching in India as per se. India does have dolphins in large number- fresh water as well as salt water. Fresh water dolphins can be seen in Ganges and Brahmaputra. While ocean dolphins can be seen at Chilika in Odisha and at many places off the coast in Arabian Sea including Goa and Lakshdweep. But even these dolphin sightings are brief and by chance, and that too from quite a distance. Whale watching...

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