Now go to North Island in Seychelles for Babymoon Bliss

Travel is diversifying itself so fast that you get to see new genres and sub-genres developing every now and then. It all depends on how quickly are you able to pounce upon an idea and develop it into a marketing strategy. Earlier, honeymoon travel used to be a big genre. Later on when destination wedding started to develop as a craze, wedding became the main genre and it developed many sub-genres. Hence, it seems as if in the process wedding and honeymoon travel is already a passé. Believe it or not, Babymoon is now a new travel idea. Seychelles has already started promoting itself in this category. North Island - Indian Ocean Seychelles So, as it goes, North Island situated around 30km from the main island of Mahé in Seychelles is an exclusive escape, ideal for couples looking t...

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