Its spring time and lower Himalayas are laden with beauty!

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I have always felt that spring is the best time to go to hills, specially in the lower Himalayan region. And, that’s not just for adventure trips, but also for the leisure trips to hill stations. It’s about weather, it’s about brightness, it’s about colours, it’s about nature and its about views. Everything in abundance. It gives such a jovial feeling when you are here during this time.

As soon as the winter freeze gives way to the some warmth, the new life comes out of the earth. The whiteness of winter turns colourful with all types of flowers.

Peach blossoms are this region’s answer to Cherry Blossoms in East Asia during most this time. Peach blossoms turn the surroundings pink in the spring time. Although it’s not so as of now, I think that it won’t be too long when peach blossoms becomes an organised tourism activity in Kumaon region of Uttarakhand.

It’s peach blossom in Uttarakhand. A beautiful reason to be here in spring.

Peach, Apple and many other fruit plantations have become painters of nature in this region. Lower hills of Kumaon are rich in these fruits and you can find slopes and slopes of hills covered with these trees.

They are relaxing and photographers delight as well, giving many perspectives to the canvas and frames.

Besides, major crops of peach, apple, apricot, etc. there are many other local flowers adding to beauty, all in the spring.

Hills on the both sides of Kosi river during spring time, as seen on road from Almora to Kausani.

But, then there is one another colour which hills of lower Himalayas desperately wait for every spring- the red which comes with flowering of rhododendrons, locally called as ‘Buransh’. It is without any doubt, the most popular flower of the hills from Kashmir to Arunachal, growing at different heights and in different colours.

Rhodendrons in the Uttarakhand and as well as in Himachal Pradesh are usually in two colours- red and pink. However, if you move towards North Sikkim region, you will find rhododendrons in many other colours from white to yellow and blue.

The popularity and continuous research and processing has also made rhododendron as one of the most sought for flowers owing to its different uses. So although locally it has always been known for its medicinal properties, but now it well in demand for its juice to wines,

All in the days work! A tough ride, refreshing buransh and majestic views!! Do you need anything else?

But there is no doubt that rhododendron laden routes are good enough to energise & rejuvenate you during your adventure trips to the hills.

“Love is like a tree, it grows of its own accord, it puts down deep roots into our whole being.” A tree waiting to bloom in this spring in shodows of snow-white Himalayan peaks!

Besides the flowers, the spring is best time to get good weather and clear, bluer skies in this region. It starts getting warm but it is still not that hot therefore sunlight is soft, pleasant and devoid of any glare. The blue of skies is so fascinating and views of snow covered mountain ranges are there almost every time unless, weather is keen to play a taunt with you,

A Himalayan sunrise! Eastern end of Nanda Devi range of Himalayas and western end of Nepal Himalayas basking in golden sunrise as lights of Almora town still blinkering in early hours of this spring morning!

Sunrise and sunsets are the most delightful times of the day with golden lights and hues changing with every passing minute.

The sky-high pines and deodars will always give you a different perspective of the nature. You will never feel it enough here.

“नई ज्योति की नई किरण दो,
नई सुरभि के नए सुमन दो;
नव-नव कलिकाओं के अधरों
में नव हास भरो!”
Mornings in Himalayan Kumaon have different hues and each one of them is mesmerising to the core!

It becomes more interesting when you can watch same peaks from same place in golden hues at sunrise as well as sunset.

View of Trishul and Nanda Devi peaks at sunset from Sitlakhet near ALmora.

Soft sunlight during spring means, you have more time to look at the peaks in bluer skies because there is no glare, which you will find quite early in the morning during May to September.

Nanda Devi is the most prominent peak of Kumaon Himalayas. But many places in Kumaon are well-known for giving a panoramic view of ranges from Chaukhamba to Panachachuli. And, there is no time better than spring to enjoy these views.

As clear as it gets! Trishul to Nanda Devi, two of India’s most revered Himalayan peaks. Its this view that can take you to entirely different state of mind, a view for which you won’t mind travelling even a few hundred kilometres! Isn’t it!!

Kumaon region in Uttarakhand is one of my favourite places to be during the spring time. I won’t leave any chance to be there during this season. I will leisure, I will trek or even bike in the region. Then why should you? You still have got time. Just pack and go. Kumaon is one of those lower Himalayan region which has best accessibility, good roads, better connectivity and reasonably good accommodations available at even toughest of places.

Have you ever been to the hills during spring and watched the flowers blossoming? How much did you enjoy? Share you experiences with us in the comments section below.

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