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When you’re exploring a city, there’s no better way than to visit the places the people who live there like. I have always admired the way the Belgium in general and particularly European Capital region of Brussels has made their tourism more and more accessible, interactive and user friendly. Here comes another first from the beautiful city. From this summer onwards, people who visit the European capital will be able to explore the “real” Brussels. This is because visit.brussels has developed an online, free guide in real time: “now.brussels”, a unique opportunity to discover “the Brussels of the people who live there”.

One can now find exactly what it needs at a glance, as it offers a customised, selection conveniently near you, and takes into account your immediate wishes, as well as the weather. The real bonus is that the suggestions are genuine preferences of the Brussels inhabitants themselves – just pure insider tips! As well as all its traditional and iconic attractions, Brussels is packed full of typical spots and secret treasures loved by its inhabitants. That’s why visit.brussels, in collaboration with the creative agency FamousGrey, has developed an innovative online guide that’s available in real time: “now.brussels”, a new tool to discover Brussels in a different way. All with, just a click.


This innovative site lets visitors choose what they want to do, based on where they are, the weather forecast, what they fancy doing at that time and, above all, the recommendations of locals. What are the most popular open-air cafes with the locals? Where can you party until the small hours in Brussels? What are the not-to-be-missed events? Brussels’ hotspots are rated in real time, based on what locals are saying on social media (through photos, stories, comments, hashtags…) and their location.

Flower Carpet. Photo: Eric Danhier

How does it work?

This all is actually taking use of social media to new levels. All the user has to do is visit now.brussels and turn on their location, and the Brussels adventure can begin. They can choose from three options: things to do, where to drink, and where to eat. Based on the user’s geolocation and what they choose to do, the site uses an interactive map to identify where locals are at that precise time. According to their size and shade, coloured areas identify the places most visited by locals, which are both near the visitor and in the whole Brussels region. The visitor then just has to decide what to do, based on the descriptions and photos uploaded about each place and/or activity.

An authentic “made in Brussels” experience

After visiting the city’s historical highlights, tourists will be able to enjoy the atmosphere and buzz of the “real” Brussels. Exploring Brussels becomes a unique way to be inspired and guided by locals, as well as discovering Brussels in real time at the same pace as locals.

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Now.brussels has been created in collaboration with Proximus (data is “fixed” to include all the data from different operators). However, no personal data from residents is passed on. For geolocation purposes, Proximus only passes on non-individual related data (minimum 30 people per place).

Have you used online tools to explore a city as a tourist? How was the experience? Share with us in the comments section below.

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Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers


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