Month: September 2019

‘Buddycations’ are India’s new Holiday Mantra‘Buddycations’ are India’s new Holiday Mantra

‘Dosti ki hai toh nibhani padegi’ – a famous dialogue from a classic Bollywood movie. Sounds too cheesy? Absolutely not. A recent study commissioned by the leading private non-life insurer on the occasion of World Tourism Day reveals that Indians take vacations with their buddies (aka “Buddycation”) and make compromises individually in order to fulfill […]



Shah Waliullah Library: A little effort with a rare, outstanding reach!Shah Waliullah Library: A little effort with a rare, outstanding reach!

For book lovers around the world, libraries bring together a world of fascination. Libraries not just store the large, larger and largest volume of books, but big or small, they are also the treasure-trove of knowledge, culture and history. This time around, I am taking you all to a very small library situated in dark […]


Art, food, wine & comics – September fun in BrusselsArt, food, wine & comics – September fun in Brussels

September is so interesting in Brussels, my favourite international city. Although Brussels remains occupied with various activities almost round the year, but September is when it hosts some of its most famous events. Events which truly reflect the essence of Brussels, enjoying things Brussels is truly famous for- its art, its comics, and classic wines […]