Flowers of trekking: Sighting of rare Brahma Kamal

Had heard a lot about the Brahma Kamal flower earlier. But got to see it blooming for the first time when I went to Valley of flowers and Hemkund trek almost fifteen years back. (But here I will like to remind you that it is not Valley of Flowers, where you will find it normally, but on the Hemkund trek. Everywhere around the sacred lake on the surrounding mountains, you can see this flower blooming.) Thereafter, have seen it on various occasions during high-altitude trekking in Uttarakhand. Watching this flower in its natural habitat is a luxury that only serious trekkers can afford to. Rest all can enjoy this post and the photographs. Kamal is Hindi term for Lotus, but unlike different species of Lotus family, Brahma Kamal blooms amongst rocks and grasses on hillside. Even Brahma Kamal ...

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