Lockdown chronicles : Photo diary of first 10 days of forced sit-in

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For all travel bugs, it is hard to- not just stay at one place but confined to boundaries of their homes. No different for me. It isn’t so that my routine has changed drastically, but it is in your mind that you have been forced to do something by a competitor who is in no mood to give you any chance. With spring travel planes shelved, I had to put camera to some use to keep my hands in habit of holding the five kilogram heavy tele lens. Trees across my first floor balcony became the frames and birds & flowers the characters. So, here are the modest offerings of the first ten days of nationwide lockdown due to coronavirus.


Lockdown Chronicles Day 1! : Putting camera to some work during lockdown. A pair of yellow footed green pigeon on the tree right adjacent to my balcony this morning.


Lockdown Chronicles Day 2! : Male pigeon was constantly at some distance today, didn’t come close to his female for the whole time, till I watched them in morning. Does work from home makes life too close for comfort!!


Lockdown Chronicles Day 3! : It drizzled today morning. This Lily was in full bloom. The bulb for this flower was brought from Kashmir some years ago and now it flowers just once a year at this time. During my lockdown this blooming Lily was as if reminding me of the lockdown that Kashmir has been through for many months!!


Lockdown Chronicles Day 4! : For the male pigeon it actually is work for home! While the female is sitting on same place since days preparing the nest, it is male who makes number of sorties one after another to bring twigs & sticks and hand them over to his lady!


Lockdown Chronicles Day 5! : Its bright sunshine today! Blooming bougainvillea in the balcony reminds all things we are missing this spring- weather, birds, flowers and blue sky!


Lockdown Chronicles Day 6! : Intimate moments! Pigeon pair getting cosy during nest building exercise this morning. Does this undesired lockdown gives you more chance to come near to your loved ones back home! What do you think?


Lockdown Chronicles Day 7! Shaky home! Today the male was not getting twigs from outside, instead he was busy arranging the ones already there. But the nest was already looking fragile and the couple seemed to be playing a lost game!


Lockdown Chronicles Day 8! : Contemplating next move! With the nest finally gone, the pair left the tree and landed on other while thinking on what to do next. How tough is it to loose your home of labour and move to a uncertain future!


DAY 10

How are you controlling your travel instincts during these tough times? What else are you doing to engage yourself? Share with us in the comments section below!

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