Lockdown chronicles : Another 10 days passed and ten more to go

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So as expected, what was supposed to be the last day of initial 21day lockdown period, actually brought the confirmation of taking this to a 40 day sit-in. Now, another set of ten days has passed. It has been a month of being stopped into walls of the house, besides some bare minimum steps outside to get things for daily needs. There have been few other reasons to move out as well, such as providing relief to some very needy people around and field trips owing to journalistic profession. But, what continued unabated was putting camera to regular use. So here is the snapshot of third set of ten days into lockdown.

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DAY 21

Lockdown Chronicles Day 21 : Looking back to the first phase! When life was all set to be normal again, then came the further extension of lockdown. Another 19 days of waiting time!!

DAY 22

Lockdown Chronicles Day 22 : Call of the wild! Its calling, but now as it seems we have to wait for another at least 19 days before answering to their call, A long wait indeed!!

DAY 23

Lockdown Chronicles Day 23 : Another of our favourite urban garden flowers, as it comes in all colours adding beauty to home, but Hibiscus or गुड़हल – as we say in north India, is also known for its mazing medicinal properties!!

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DAY 24

Lockdown Chronicles Day 24 : This lockdown has been an education of sort! I am learning more about birds with each passing day and capturing them in my camera, many for the first time in my neighbourhood! This is another one, an oriental magpie robin!

DAY 25

Lockdown Chronicles Day 25 : This pic almost came as a gift at Yamuna flood plains area this morning (occupational visits even in lockdown🙂)! Had clicked Red-naped Ibis earlier at Menar near Udaipur, but this one was more satisfying.  Look closely and you will notice that bird in the second picture isn’t the same 👉… as within matter of couple of minutes, a second Ibis came and drove away the first one to occupy its place, and then it is making a call in the third image!!👉👉

DAY 26

Lockdown Chronicles Day 26 : Effect of lockdown or what, this greater coucal looks in a belligerent mood this morning! A large bird that resembles a cross between a crow and a pheasant. Largely black with distinctive rusty wings, glossy underparts, a long and heavy black tail, and deep red eyes. The call is a series of deep, resonant “oop-oop-oop” notes that I can often hear around. They are pretty common and can be seen across India.

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DAY 27

Lockdown Chronicles Day 27 : A noisy flock! Need some lessons in social distancing these Rosy Starlings perhaps… and few on chattering as well! A strong migrant perhaps moving north after wintering in plains!

DAY 28

Lockdown Chronicles Day 28 : This one has a place of its own, near the nullah! White throated Kingfisher has been one of the most visible types of Kingfishers across India!!

DAY 29

Lockdown Chronicles Day 29 : Where have all the folks gone? These pied starlings seem to be asking themselves. They are equally noisy as their migrant family members!!

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DAY 30

Lockdown Chronicles Day 30 : Where there is love, there would always be peace! Both are coexisting as these two colours on one flower!!

Is this forced sit-in making you a bit restless now? Are you longing to move out? Share your views with us in the comments section below!

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  1. TravelerInMe says:

    Beautiful post Upendra ……. Loved the Rosy Starlings. I have only seen them in flight mode. The great coucal yet to see or hear

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks a lot Monika. These birds are always fascinating.

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