Lockdown Chronicles : Last 10 days which weren’t the last

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What were presumably supposed to be the last ten days of a 40 day nationwide lockdown in two phases- a 21 day first phase and a 19 day second phase. Ten days of hope and anticipation, which actually concluded in start of another phase of distress. Altogether a big human tragedy has unfolded in all this, which reflects in the first image. Experiments with camera continued but many other things keep happening! Let’s travel through these ten days.

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DAY 31

Lockdown Chronicles Day 31! : Life in a metro! With nowhere to go in the lockdown, this migrant labourer has nothing else but shade of an under-construction flyover to cook his daily meals!

DAY 32

Lockdown Chronicles Day 32! : While everyone was amused with antics of our all so glorious news anchors, I was anchored to antics of this beautiful Eurasian Collared Dove!

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DAY 33

Lockdown Chronicles Day 33!
गोरों की ना कालों की
दुनिया है दिल वालों की

This one was definitely whiter then the earlier one, and even the eyes weren’t usual red. Anyway, this click made me wish of a more harmonious living, leaving aside all the differences!

DAY 34

Lockdown Chronicles Day 34! : This is definitely one of the most tiny, most beautiful, most chirpy and most active birds around in sub-continent neighborhood. Always a delight to capture it.

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DAY 35

Lockdown Chronicles Day 35! : Keeping an eye on you, discreetly! Has this COVID-19 pandemic made your privacy more vulnerable to prying eyes!!

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DAY 36

Lockdown Chronicles Day 36! : Where is everyone? Most vocal of the neighbourhood birds this barbet! Are you already looking for mates to join to your travel plans post-lockdown!

DAY 37

It wasn’t the usual day, as we lost two Bollywood superstars and very fine actors in two day, with Irrfan Khan the previous morning, it was all lovable Rishi Kapoor this morning, and I couldn’t resist myself from posting a scene from his first film- Mera Naam Joker with this caption- उसने मोहब्बत की… बेशर्त मोहब्बत, बेबाक मोहब्बत, बेपनाह मोहब्बत… अपनी फिल्मों से, अपने किरदारों से, अपने इरादों से और अपने मुल्क से… वह प्रेम का ऋषि था

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DAY 38

Lockdown Chronicles Day 38! : Its all white! The colour, the mood and the time to come!! Another two days!

DAY 39

With all set to hiding again, couldn’t resist posting one old photograph, one of my favorites. Lockdown Chronicles Day 39! : Spot the Tiger in this image! Can you? Let us know in the comments section! This is one of my all time favourite photographs. Aren’t our lives in lockdown like this hidden tiger?

DAY 40

Lockdown Chronicles Day 40! : No flying away yet! What everyone would have expected after lockdown of 40 days was going back to their normal lives! But what we got instead is another two weeks of sit-in!

Has this lockdown been stretched too far? Aren’t you longing to move out? Share your views with us in the comments section below!

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