Quenching the thirst and keeping nature alive

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So after the double rainbow delight of Sunday in the national capital, tempers were again on rise in the sky on Monday. However, it was never close to the sweltering heat that we had early last week when the temperatures crossed 46 degree celsius. Still, hot and humid days are not over and this weather makes you thirsty all the time… and, these birds as well. Isn’t it! 

A call for the water or the partner!

Actually this is the weather and these are the images that make you wonder how essential are these little things to be done around our city homes to keep the nature around live and chirping! These birds which give us joy in our balcony views daily, need to quench thirst as well in this peak summer. What, when there is no open water puddle or pool for them? These little pots are the lifelines for our tiny city birds around. And, what lovely photographic moments they give as well. 

A brown headed barbet takes its steps towards water bowl

So, here are some of the captures, just in course of few minutes taken from my staircase towards walls of back-lane green space. They definitely underline what big difference a tiny effort makes.

A red vented bulbul with three pot full water to her disposal

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An asian female koel having its share of water

I have noticed a guard from one of the lanes in our block going around every evening with a barrel full of water and filling all such pots kept around by residents for birds. He does it daily in a ritualistic manner and I haven’t ever seen anybody asking him to do that. He does it by his own will and that perhaps makes him happy. After all who won’t, seeing all these happy chirpy beautiful birds around.

A female oriental magpie robin is delighted to get some water in this heat
A common myna refreshing herself after a few sips of water

Have you noticed such tiny efforts around you to make the city nature prosperous? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below.

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  1. Great post and ritual to help our feathered friends!

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks a lot Denise!

  2. TravelerInMe says:

    Thoughtful and rewarding…… Water for the birds 🐦

    ……what beautiful birds came visiting Upendra 🦜✨ you did capture them well!!

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks a lot Monika. I was lucky for those few minutes perhaps!

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