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Shh… Tiger is here!

Its International Tiger Day and tigers are all over in the news for last few days. From missing of tiger Jai in Maharashtra’s Umred Karhandla wildlife sanctuary to debate of inflated

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Borobudur Buddhist Temple: spectacular & outstanding!

We visited Borobudur temple in the third leg of our Indonesia trip, when we were stationed at Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is the biggest city close to this UNESCO world heritage site.

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Costa Cruise to sail from Mumbai to Maldives & Colombo

Another cruise comes India’s way and one has to keep the fingers crossed. Europe’s number 1 cruising company, Costa Cruises, has announced the highly-anticipated launch of Costa neoClassica in India at

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Colours of Rajasthan

‘रंगीलो म्हारो राजस्थान’ (My colourful Rajasthan), that’s what we say here. It is truly one of the most colourful, vibrant and tourist friendly states in India. It is distinctly known

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Amazing Experience : Fly over the mysterious Nazca Lines in Peru

Peru offers a wide spectrum of opportunities for the travellers, right from sight-seeing to gastronomy, everything is magnificent and enticing. It is a country blessed with rich culture, mesmerizing beauty

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A vagabond night stroll in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of those cities that gives you a real big city feeling, not just big but huge, just like Chicago or Shanghai. That has to be for the

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Dalada Maligawa houses Buddha’s sacred tooth as relic

Well, India shares a lot of its history with Sri Lanka – since mythological times! Ditto with Buddhism, which spread from India to Sri Lanka. As a traveler Indians will

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A Chand Raat stroll at Jama Masjid on this Eid

This is the happier time after month of sorrowful fasting of Ramadan. Chand Raat brings joyful people to the market for shopping. It is also one of our favourite times

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Vagabond in Spiti Valley : Dhankar

One of those places which one has to see to believe. In such a fragile ecosystem are preserved some miracles of the nature. Dhankar and its surrounding areas are one

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Dhanaulti is more serene than its famed neighbourhood

While getting down from Mussoorie, just around the so-called Mussoorie Lake area the traffic jam was really scary. It was abnormal and the jam of vehicles going towards the ‘Queen

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