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Where rivers flow through the hearts of the people!

Kerala is one of those places, where the deity, the nature and the human just transform into each other. In the God’s Own Country seamlessly the human becomes the nature

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Luxury meets tradition at Qatar

Qatar boasts a long tradition of luxury – from its days as a pearl diving settlement to the present day, where its hospitality, culture and retail offerings are steeped in

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‘Buddycations’ are India’s new Holiday Mantra

‘Dosti ki hai toh nibhani padegi’ – a famous dialogue from a classic Bollywood movie. Sounds too cheesy? Absolutely not. A recent study commissioned by the leading private non-life insurer

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Experience the best of bush, beach and highlands in Sri Lanka!

It’s not about a hotel, but about a whole chain of hotels. We often review hotels on their facilities, rooms, comfort, but here I am talking about the outdoor experience

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Witness one of the biggest pride celebrations in the world at Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a diverse city with multicultural influences and open-minded locals. Every June, in honour of Pride month, people of all genders, religion and colour flood the streets of

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Qatar’s Angry Birds entertainment park gets outdoor section as well

Middle East has always been a favourite hunting place for travellers from India. But Dubai, for all lot of reasons, always had a larger share in the pie. However in

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NEOM is all about the unusual and the unexpected

Imagine being given a blank canvas upon which to redefine modern living: an empty quarter within which to build a 21st century destination driven by a desire for sustainability, powered

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Now go to North Island in Seychelles for Babymoon Bliss

Travel is diversifying itself so fast that you get to see new genres and sub-genres developing every now and then. It all depends on how quickly are you able to

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Romancing at the most exclusive suite on sea

Well, its just two days to the Valentine. So, too late to plan for now, but not too late to plan for something for the next valentine’s day. And actually

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Paradisiacal Seychelles has too much to offer

Heard a lot about Maldives, Mauritius and Fiji? Let’s go to Seychelles then. Yet another gem of the Indian Ocean. Situated off the eastern coast of Africa in the Indian

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