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Uttarakhand’s spring up in the flames

Forest fires are not new and they are not unusual. I have seen them in many of my visits to the state in recent times. There are definitely effect of

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Hope from despair while moving in 2021

This song written by Sahir Ludhianvi more than 62 years ago (in 1958) beautifully sums up the despair we were all in last year and looked towards hope while ushering

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Paint and glitter in Himalayas at Roerich Art Gallery

Roerich family has done so much work that it is not possible for Naggar Gallery to showcase all or larger part of it. Therefore, most of work displayed here is

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Ranthambore Fort: Red lake, langurs and a Ganesha with three eyes

It is said to be one of the strongest forts in India. It isn’t a surprise as a fort sitting on a hilltop with deep trenches on three sides, surrounded

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Flying like a bird in a paraglider

Located west of Joginder Nagar valley, at the base of the lower Himalayas Bir-Billing is often billed as India’s paragliding capital, and rightly so. That was the way this place

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Its opening up, may be just time to pack the bags

It is perhaps first time since I started writing blogs almost eight years ago, that I haven't done a blog post for more than 30 days. Feel sorry for

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Where rivers flow through the hearts of the people!

Kerala is one of those places, where the deity, the nature and the human just transform into each other. In the God’s Own Country seamlessly the human becomes the nature

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170 year old warehouse and an Advaita Ashram nestled in Himalayas

There are many places in Kumaon which are known only because of their association with Gandhi or Vivekanand. One prominent among them is Advaita Ashram, Mayavati, near Lohaghat

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Where a 180 million year old history is fossilised

The Akal Fossil Wood Park is located 18 kilometres from Jaisalmer town on the Jaisalmer-Barmer National highway 15. Occupying an area of about 21 hectares the park exposes several gymnospermous

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Jumbo’s day out at Mattupetty

Wild elephants might not be something to be taken lightly, but elephants are definitely gorgeous and make a fascinating look, more so if seen in wild!

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