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Scratch to Ship at Beypore

This a place which most of the tourists travelling to Kerala will overlook. But I was told that foreign tourists are more inclined to go there than Indian tourists. But

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Bali from the sky – few captures!

Its fun to be on window seat of a plane, provided you are interested in capturing images. And if images are from a beautiful beach resort like Bali, then you

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A Supermoon on a night so revered!

It is one of the most awaited celestial phenomenon of the year- the Supermoon. This year it was special as moon was closest to earth  since 1948. It was just 356,

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Thiksey is one of the most glorious monasteries of Ladakh

Thiksey monastery has one of the most recognisable images of the Ladakh. It is imposing- standing on a hill top with complete hillock dedicated monastery campus. One just can’t miss

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Trump Showed me America’s True Colours

What this ‘Trumph’ means to all of us who want this world to be a world free of hatred:

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Now Zenfone 3 goes Max!

Asus launched its Zenfone 3 series in August this year, less than three months back. (Read the post: ASUS goes premium) Earlier in June it had launched superpower version of

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Himalayan Rides : Road from Manali to Rohtang & Gramphoo

Lets take you on a virtual ride to Lahaul & Spiti valley. Every rider or driver or adventurer enthusiast going to Leh or Kaza is very much keen to know

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This full moon will also be a supermoon

I talked about the events and festivals related to the coming full moon day, referred to as Kartik Poornima in hindu calendar in my last post . (Read it here:

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A full moon and a month full of festivals

It is one of the most beautiful moons of the year. Correspondingly, this is one of the holiest month of the year- Kartik. Rich in festivals- including some world-famous ones

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