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Block the dates! Seventh edition of the Eat! BRUSSELS, Drink! BORDEAUX this September

On 6, 7, 8 and 9 September, lovers of good food and wine have a date with Eat BRUSSELS, Drink! BORDEAUX Once again, the festival will spotlight the big names in Brussels gastronomy and the wines of Bordeaux. The visitors can embark on a culinary voyage, tasting the signature dishes offered by the great chefs of Brussels. All amid the greenery of the Parc de Bruxelles.

For the seventh year of the Eat! BRUSSELS, Drink! BORDEAUX festival, the best chefs in Brussels are once again taking over the stoves in the pop-up kitchens set up in the Parc de Bruxelles. Each of them will offer a gourmet public his (or her) signature dish. A great opportunity to discover the talents of Belgian gastronomy in a pleasant, convivial setting. visit.brussels have been in partnership with Les Vins de Bordeaux for the last five years.

Over fifty wine growers and wine merchants will be present at the event to show off the full range of wines from Bordeaux – reds, whites, rosés and crémants – that will be the perfect partners for the dishes concocted by the chefs. The 6 families of Bordeaux wines are each represented in their own special pavilion. Bordeaux Red & Bordeaux Supérieur Red; Côtes de Bordeaux; Saint-Emilion Pomerol Fronsac; Médoc & Graves; Sweet Bordeaux; Rosés, Dry whites and Crémants de Bordeaux. The Bordeaux Wine School will offer workshops in which novices can be initiated into Bordeaux wines and the more experienced can enhance their knowledge.

New features in 2018:

– An updated offering: New chefs will be joining the event to fly the flag of their restaurants. Several signature dishes will also have a vegetarian version. Ten restaurants have already confirmed their attendance. Returning are Vincent, Garage à Manger, Brinz’l, Le Tournant, Augusta, Rouge Tomate, Racines and Stirwen. And two new participants have already confirmed: Crab Club and San Bol.

– New cheese and dessert bar

– The festival will have 4 new, original themes for the Masterclasses: Crus classés from Graves, grands crus classés from Saint-Émilion, grands vins from Médoc from the 2015 vintage, Sweet Bordeaux & Belgian cheeses.

– The eat! Awards: This year, the eat! Awards will make their appearance. They will reward the chefs who were most successful during the event.

Photo: VisitBrussels/ ©E.Danhier

Have you enjoyed any such gastronomical event? How was the fun? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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A date for foodies this weekend in Brussels!

From 7 to 10 September 2017, foodies have a date at the “eat BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX” festival. Taster portions of dishes or original desserts at the “Masterclass Bordeaux”, passing through the workshops of the Ecole du vin de Bordeaux (Bordeaux School of Wine), the great chefs and wine growers will stimulate the visitors’ taste buds all through the festival.

For its sixth year, the “eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX festival is putting on a marvellous spread, once again calling on a selection of the best Brussels chefs right in the middle of the Brussels Park. Wine lovers can also devote themselves to their passion, thanks to the various workshops offered by the Ecole du vin de Bordeaux. All of which offers the public a delicious gourmet break.

Twenty-odd great chefs
New chefs representative of Brussels are joining the celebration and will be adding their own spice to what’s on offer at the festival. They are offering the visitors a signature dish representing their culinary identity at the fixed price of 9 Euros.

Something new: a sweet note
Several pastry chefs complete the festival’s menu. They are offering sweet lovers delicious plated desserts at the fixed price of 9 Euros.

Perfect match
The Wines of Bordeaux, a key partner in the festival, are once again taking part in this gastronomic journey. Nigh-on 50 Bordeaux wine growers and wine merchants will be coming to Brussels to unveil the history and the secrets of their wine. 3 new gourmet workshops offered by the Ecole du vin de Bordeaux. A rendezvous lovers of wine and gastronomy must not miss, the Ecole du vin de Bordeaux pavilion offers an entertaining and educational overview of the various wines (red, dry white, sweet white, rosé and Crémant de Bordeaux), soils, grape varieties, blends, etc. A wonderful initiation into the art of tasting.

Photo: VisitBrussels/ ©E.Danhier

This year, the Ecole du vin de Bordeaux is offering three new fun gourmet workshops:
– “Choco’ Bordeaux” in collaboration with the chocolatier Laurent Gerbaud
– “Matching wines with pastries” with the pastry chefs Yasushi Sasaki, Baptiste Mandon and Khalil Menzi, to experiment with daring combinations.

Bordeaux “Masterclasses”
This year, the two masterclasses are dedicated to the Saint-Emilion Grands Crus Classés and the 30th anniversary of the appellation Pessac-Léognan. The visitor will be guided through these two representative regions of the Bordeaux wine growing region.

Photo: VisitBrussels/ ©E.Danhier

Workshops with the chef Bruno Antoine
Visitors will have the chance to create their own TCHIN VITTEL Bistronomy Box in a relaxed atmosphere at a cooking workshop that is just as exciting and gastronomic as it is goodnatured. All under the guidance of Bruno Antoine, one of the most creative chefs on the
Brussels bistro scene.

The festival is changing to a swipe card
To allow visitors to enjoy the festival to the full, “eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX” is moving to an electronic payment system. Visitors can obtain their swipe cards from one of the ticket offices, put money on them and use them as they please throughout the festival. This swipe card will combine all functions for meeting their needs: credits for tasting the dishes they choose and/or their Wine Pass.

Time for some wine & food indulgence!

Immediately after the Comic Strip Festival at start of September, European Capital Brussels will get ready for another extravaganza, this time for the connoisseurs of food and wine. From 7 to 10 September this year, Brussels Park will once again serve as the setting for the eat! Brussels, drink! Bordeaux festival. Twenty Brussels chefs will slave over their stoves to share their signature dishes with the public. Fifty Bordeaux wine growers and sellers will also be on hand to provide the accompaniment for these delicious foods. They will offer the optimal wine pairings to complement the chefs’ dishes. There’s sure to be plenty to delight the senses of their foodie visitors! For its sixth edition, the eat! Brussels, drink! Bordeaux Festival has once again invited a selection of Brussels’ best chefs to the heart of Brussels Park. There will be new workshops: Wine & patisseries; Wine and chocolate.

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Photo: VisitBrussels/ ©E.Danhier

A sixth edition with its fair share of new offerings

  • Restaurant offerings are expanding. Several chefs on the Brussels scene are joining in the fun to present their iconic dishes to the public.
  • A central “square” will be set up right at the heart of the festival grounds. It’s a chance for visitors to partake and socialize with family and friends.
  • This year, the eat! Awards are making their debut. These prizes will be awarded to chefs whose dishes enjoy the greatest success over the course of the event.
  • In this latest edition, several pastry chefs will complement the event menu with dessert plate suggestions.
  • The Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux invites amateurs to discover new wine workshops that focus on patisserie and chocolate.
  • The Tchin Vittel! space will offer cooking workshops to visitors. Accompanied by talented chef Bruno Antoine, they will concoct their “bistronomy” box together, which they will then be able to savour in this friendly atmosphere.

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New iconic Brussels chefs are joining the party and enhancing the festival’s offerings. The will offer visitors a signature dish representing their culinary identity at the special price of € 9. Several pastry chefs will also enhance the festival’s menu. They will offer sweets aficionados delicious desserts by the plate at the special price of €9.

The perfect pairing

Vins de Bordeaux, the festival’s essential partners, are coming together once again on this journey through fine cuisine. For the occasion, nearly 50 Bordeaux wine growers and merchants will meet in Brussels to reveal the history and secrets of their wine.

These elegant and unique wines, the fruits of the meticulous blending of several grape varieties, will thrill the public’s taste buds. It’s a singular chance to discover the new Bordeaux reds, fresh and fruity, the dry whites, the rosés, the clairets and the sweet wines that can be paired with all cuisine, whether simple or refined. A wine pairing carefully selected for the occasion will also be offered for each dish, sweet or savoury, presented at the festival.

eat Brussels

The Bordeaux pavilion, the Belgian selection

For the second year running, the pavilion will present the 2017 selection of Bordeaux wines chosen by a panel of Belgian wine and gastronomy professionals. These wines, selling for €4 to €25 are all available in Belgium. eat! Brussels, drink! Bordeaux will be the only opportunity to sample the sumptuousness of this 2017 selection.

The Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux pavilion

The Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux will once again be on hand to conduct a variety of workshops for Wine Pass holders. It’s a wonderful opportunity for the public, expert or novice, to (re)discover Bordeaux wines in an original, fun way and participate in tastings.

Get set for some fine wine & dine this September in Brussels

Food lovers have an appointment this 7, 8, 9 and 10 September for the sixth edition of eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX, the festival that highlights the big names in Brussels gastronomy and the delicious wines of Les Vins de Bordeaux. Several Brussels chefs will present one of their restaurant’s signature dishes to the public every day. The festival will once again get the public’s taste buds working in the lovely setting of Brussels Park.

For the sixth edition of the eat festival! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX, visit.brussels once again invites several of the best Brussels chefs to take over the pop-up kitchens set up in the heart of Brussels Park. They will all present one of their signature dishes. There will be something for everyone thanks to the diversity of the chefs and dishes presented.

Les Vins de Bordeaux are the key partners in this culinary experience for the fourth year in a row. Over fifty wine growers and traders will present their wines, which will complement the dishes prepared by the chefs. L’Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux will also be there. It will offer free workshops in which novices will be initiated in Bordeaux wines and the experienced can enhance their knowledge.

Brand new in 2017:

• Several chefs representing the Brussels scene will join to fly the flag for their restaurants. This will refresh the event’s offer.

• The event’s layout will be fully reviewed in order to provide an original experience, including the creation of a central ” square “.

  • This year, the eat! Awards will appear. They will reward the chefs who have been most successful during the event.irc

(All photos: ©E.Danhier)

Delicious food, Classic wines at eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX

eat BrusselsAt the eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX gastronomic festival, taking place in the Parc de Bruxelles from 8 to 11 September 2016, it will be all about tasting delicious food and enjoying the diversity of Bordeaux wines. The festival attendees who are eager to expand their knowledge will have to opportunity to learn how to handle pans and fresh products at the Mmmmh! workshops, to be initiated into the secrets of Bordeaux wines at the wine school or to attend an exceptional session dedicated to wine tasting of prestigious top ranked wines which are among Grand Crus Classés. To unwind after a long week, eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX offers a chance to luxuriate by strolling from gourmet booth to wine stand. Going beyond culinary discoveries, workshops allow each visitor to become a participant in the event. It’s a unique opportunity to cook and learn in the exceptional setting of the Parc de Bruxelles.

eat Brussels
eat Brussels

Besides, there will be 50 winegrowers from Bordeaux and the “Bordeaux Coups de cœur, la sélection belge” Pavilion for the first time at the eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX festival. Wines from Bordeaux join forces with foody treats from Brussels for a rather tasty festival in the Parc de Bruxelles.  A unique opportunity to learn about the diversity of Bordeaux wines, chat with 50 winemakers and merchants from that part of the world and learn about their passion, their terroir and their wines. They will also be suggesting wine pairings for the signature dishes cooked up by 15 Brussels-based chefs who will be taking it in turns to cook in the festival’s pop-up kitchens. There are some flavoursome encounters in store in the 6 pavilions dedicated to the different wine families from Bordeaux* or at workshops at the Bordeaux Wine School. A new feature this year is a 7th pavilion: “Bordeaux Coups de cœur, la sélection belge” (Bordeaux favourites, the Belgian selection), meticulously chosen by a panel of young Belgian wine professionals.

Mmmmh! workshops

eat BrusselsAn Mmmmh! counter will arrange cooking classes throughout festival weekend dedicated to the culinary arts. Whether they are beginners or seasoned veterans, apprentices will have the chance to discover different types of traditional or creative cuisine from here and elsewhere. Indeed, whether they are preparing an elaborate meal for honoured guests or an original  meal for family or friends, visitors will be able to find something for every palate. This year, the workshops are offering something new: Alex Joseph (Rouge Tomate), Ugo Federico (Racines), and Karen Torosyan (Bozar Brasserie), some of the great Brussels chefs from eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX, will also share their culinary secrets with festival-goers. Children, accompanied by their parents, will also have a chance to attend the workshops in order to get a taste for cooking and become budding chefs.

The Bordeaux wine school workshops

eat! BrusselsDuring the festival, the Bordeaux School of Wine pavilion is the place to be for newcomers and seasoned pros who love wine and great food. Once again this year, the School’s renowned workshops will be part of eat. BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX. On the agenda: Bordeaux food and wine pairing, introduction to Bordeaux wines, Bordeaux white wines, Right Bank/Left Bank… Bordeaux Wine School pavilion will allow visitors, experts and amateurs alike, to (re)discover the wines of Bordeaux and how they should be savoured in a fun, original way.

For foodies: a totally new workshop in Brussels for wine and gourmet cuisine under the direction of Nicolas Nguyen Van Hai, chef at Le Chapon Fin, an historic Bordeaux restaurant. The workshops are led by Belgian trainers accredited by the Bordeaux School of Wine and are offered in French, Dutch, and/or English.

The Bordeaux “Masterclasses”

eat BrusselsFor the first time this year, the festival offers to take wine-lovers on a journey through the most prestigious Bordeaux wines during two “Masterclasses.” The first session will be devoted to the Great Vintages designated in 1855 (including a tasting of an assortment of five Médocs and two Sauternes), and the second will focus on introducing participants to the Ranked Great Vintages from Graves (including a tasting of seven red and white wines). Great Vintage owners will offer their comments during the sessions which will calibrate even the most delicate of palettes and refine the knowledge of the most discriminating experts. The “Masterclasses” will be offered in a small group in the BIP’s Salle des Guichets, across from the Parc de Bruxelles.

Bordeaux, so much to discover

eat Brusselseat! Brussels, drink! Bordeaux gives visitors a unique opportunity to (re)discover the quality, authenticity and huge diversity of the wines of Bordeaux by meeting the men and women who produce them. For this event, 50 winemakers and merchants will be coming to Brussels to share the history and secrets of their wine. Aficionados, most of them from family-run businesses, talented young men and women who have often travelled the world only to return to their roots to create wines in their image, experts in organic agriculture who hone their production techniques, winemakers from Belgium and beyond who have fallen in love with this incredible region… There are as many different approaches as there are wines, and this is what makes Bordeaux such a rich region. The focus will be on the savoir-faire of Bordeaux’s winemakers, as well as the variety of soils, the microclimates and the meticulous way different varieties are blended to create sophisticated and unique wines… surprising red, white and sparkling wines that are deliciously fresh and ready to be drunk immediately at any occasion.

The Bordeaux coups de cœur, la sélection belge pavilion

This year, there will be a new pavilion to introduce visitors to Bordeaux coups de cœur, la sélection belge (Bordeaux favourites, the Belgian selection). Put together for Belgium by a panel of young Belgian judges (young sommeliers, wine merchants, wine advisors and bloggers), this selection of 100 wines, available in Belgium at prices ranging from €4 to €25 will introduce consumers to the diversity and accessibility of wines from Bordeaux. eat! Brussels drink! Bordeaux will offer a unique opportunity to discover the richness of this 2016 selection.

Gourmet festival embellished by the best Bordeaux wines

eat! Brussels Photo: ©E.Danhier
eat! Brussels Photo: ©E.Danhier

The Brussels gourmet festival embellished by the best Bordeaux wines

From 11 to 14 September 2014 and for the third consecutive year, the eat! BRUSSELS festival will show off the entirely international nature of Brussels gastronomy. Around 20 restaurant owners from the Brussels-Capital region, and from 10 provinces and partner towns, will come together at the Bois de la Cambre for four days of gustatory passion. In addition, this year, VISITBRUSSELS and the Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux [Interprofessional Council for Bordeaux Wine] have decided to get together to create a joint event: eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX. Brussels will therefore become the first European city and the third international destination, after Hong Kong and Quebec, to welcome around sixty winegrowers to its festival dedicated to gastronomy.

Asian, Moroccan, Italian, Lebanese or Greek – the identity of Brussels gastronomy is far from being limited to Belgian mussels and fries. Brussels is at the crossroads of all nations and its gastronomic reputation is well renowned. With its eighteen award-winning restaurants, the city has more stars than cities like Berlin, Rome or Milan. And if fine dining is blossoming without any doubt in the European capital, eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX is one more opportunity to recall this by bringing together some of the best brands in the city.

eat! Brussels - Photo:  ©E.Danhier
eat! Brussels – Photo: ©E.Danhier

For its third reincarnation, the gourmet festival has the privilege of hosting the Bordeaux winemaking tourist event, “Bordeaux Fête le Vin” [Bordeaux Celebrates Wine]. The event has been renamed “eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX” for the occasion. Thanks to the “Wine Pass”, a tasting passport, a visitor will be able to go into various pavilions where Bordeaux winemakers will show them the numerous wines from their region. Great wine lovers (or novice) will be able to refine their oenological knowledge through entertaining and educational workshops.

eat! Brussels - Photo: ©E.Danhier
eat! Brussels – Photo: ©E.Danhier

For gourmands and gourmets, tasting portions will be offered by chefs at low prices (from € 4) so that visitors can do a culinary tour of the world in a single meal. The tastings will be prepared on site at each booth. Food lovers will also have a whale of a time taking part in culinary workshops organised on the spot by the Mmmmh! cookery school. Local, regional and national crafts will also be featured in the Crafts Village. Spices, salted meats, ice cream, honeys, meats, cheeses, coffees, jams, truffles, teas, oils, smoked salmon and artisan sweets will tickle visitors’ taste buds.

As they do every year, several of the best Brussels restaurants attend the festival by taking a stand. Each will offer one or more tastings to visitors who will therefore be able to take advantage of the diversity of culinary nationalities that are present.

eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX: time for Dine & Wine

Photo: VisitBrussels/ ©E.Danhier
Photo: VisitBrussels/ ©E.Danhier

From 11 to 14 September, the Brussels restaurant festival is once again coming to Bois de la Cambre/Ter Kamerenbos. Over four days, restaurateurs from throughout the Brussels Capital Region and this year along with wines from Bordeaux as well as its partner cities, provinces and regions are coming together. During eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX, they will share their know-how and passion for delicious products with connoisseurs and foodies who are always looking out for outstanding quality, new taste sensations and adventures.

This year, the enhancement of Brussels gastronomy is to be accompanied by sampling various Bordeaux wines in the company of winegrowers from that region. 

Photo: VisitBrussels/ ©E.Danhier
Photo: VisitBrussels/ ©E.Danhier

eat! BRUSSELS provides an excellent picture of the gastronomic diversity that Brussels is rich in. On the menu is a melting pot of discoveries from the four corners of the globe. Participating restaurants channel all their creative energies into astonishing and spoiling every visitor, young and old alike, with whom their chefs are already eager to share their know-how and passion. Thanks to the smaller portions, visitors can enjoy several cuisines at one mealtime, and as it were embark on a culinary journey. The creations conjured up by the restaurant chefs can be savoured at reasonable prices (from €4.00) in the form of tastings prepared on the spot. Each restaurant provides one or more dishes. Entry to the festival is free.

Amateur chefs will be in their element in one of the various workshops set to take participants on a journey through different parts of the world. Attention is also given to local, regional and national craftsmanship, in an Artisans’ Village set up especially for this purpose.


The festival is being organised in the heart of the one of the capital’s most beautiful green settings, and this year has the privilege of welcoming the ‘Bordeaux Fête le Vin’ to Brussels. For the occasion, the wine festival is being rechristened eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX. With a tasting pass, the “Wine Pass”, visitors can wander around the various pavilions where winegrowers from Bordeaux will help you discover the numerous different wines from Bordeaux. In the ‘École du Vin de Bordeaux’ pavilion, fervent wine lovers have the chance to perfect their oenological knowledge during engaging and educational workshops.


eat! Brussels – Drink Bordeaux

Bordeaux wine festival at Quebec city
Bordeaux wine festival at Quebec city

Bordeaux and Brussels, have forged a partnership as a part of the restaurant festival eat! BRUSSELS.

Behind this partnership was the idea of  associating Bordeaux Wines with the restaurant festival eat! BRUSSELS, developed by VISITBRUSSELS on the initiative of the Brussels-Capital Region, and organised in September in the Bois de la Cambre.  Bordeaux will be VISITBRUSSELS’s valued partner for the eat! BRUSSELS festival. Starting next year, the experience of savouring specialities cooked up by restaurateurs in Brussels will  be combined with the pleasure of tasting different Bordeaux wines in the presence of wine-growers  and sommeliers from Bordeaux.

The concept of the “Bordeaux Wine Festival” has become a hotly anticipated biannual event in Bordeaux, attracting 500,000 visitors from France and further afield since 1998. Between 800 and 1,000 wine-makers take part in the 4-day event. The success of the festival has resulted in organisers exporting the concept to Hong Kong in 2009 and to Quebec in 2012. 

eat! BRUSSELS 2014 will be showcasing the wine of Bordeaux, with tasting areas, master classes and guided tasting sessions, in the presence of French wine-makers. Bordeaux, the world’s capital of wine, is one of the jewels in France’s gastronomic crown. Belgium is  the 4th biggest export market for Bordeaux wines, with growth of 13% in 2012. Brussels will be the third international city and the first in Europe to host this exciting event that celebrates the wines of Bordeaux. The Brussels-Capital Region is promoting gastronomy as an important tool in the appeal of Brussels on an international stage.



Brussels RestaurantsOver 4 days, from 12 to 15 September, more than 30 restaurateurs from the 19 municipalities of the Brussels Capital Region as well as various Brussels Capital Region partner regions come together in the Bois de la Chambre/Ter Kamerenbos park during eat! BRUSSELS to share their knowhow and passion for delicious products with connoisseurs and gourmands who are always on the lookout for superb quality, discoveries and tradition, but also new taste sensations and adventures. eat! BRUSSELS brought together around 30 restaurateurs during its first edition in 2012, on the initiative of the Department of External Relations of the Regional Public Service of Brussels and 7 partner regions (bilateral partners of the Brussels Capital Region).

Brussels Restaurantseat! BRUSSELS provides an excellent picture of the diversity that Brussels is rich in, with the menu displaying an array of discovers from the four corner of the globe. Restaurants and products from Europe, Africa, the East, France and Belgium set about as creatively as possible to amaze and spoil every visitor, young and old alike. And thanks to the smaller portions, visitors can sample several cuisines in one meal and thus, as it were, embark on a journey through a range of various food cultures.

Brussels Restaurantseat! BRUSSELS a sustainable event
Just like last year, for this year’s edition of eat! BRUSSELS will work with recyclable material and an individual system for waste management. The cutlery and plates for the festival are fully biodegradable, the various types of glasses are reusable materials, while the collaboration with VIVAQUA makes it possible not to use any plastic bottles but rather to work for the entire festival with large “carafes” of water situated all around.

eat ! BRUSSELS with all the family
On Saturday and Sunday extra fun for young and old is provided by the KATAKRAK company, with its games made from recycled objects.