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Basking in glory : Fatehpur Sikri in lensview

It is indeed one of the reminiscence of India’s glorious past- one which has been largely well-documentated and one which is largely intact, as is the case with most of

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Amazing Ramayana Ballet of Java

These are days of Ramlila around the country and perfect time to see Ramayana as performed in different parts of world. Prominent among them is Indonesia. The islands of Java,

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Borobudur Buddhist Temple: spectacular & outstanding!

We visited Borobudur temple in the third leg of our Indonesia trip, when we were stationed at Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is the biggest city close to this UNESCO world heritage site.

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Amazing Experience : Fly over the mysterious Nazca Lines in Peru

Peru offers a wide spectrum of opportunities for the travellers, right from sight-seeing to gastronomy, everything is magnificent and enticing. It is a country blessed with rich culture, mesmerizing beauty

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Images that define Jakarta!

Indonesia is said to be melting point of cultures, something we used to define America as. The similarity doesn’t end  here. Just as New York is called as ‘Big Apple’,

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Stepping into History – Neemrana Bawadi

One reason why I was elated in my last post about Adalaj Vav near Ahmedabad in Gujarat was that I had been earlier to a few of other step wells and

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Mumbai to have cultural hub on lines of Times Square

Mumbai will soon have a cultural hub on the lines of Times Square in New York. It will be developed by Maharashtra Tourism with help from Union Tourism ministry. This

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Forgotten Palaces in Kathmandu to lure tourists

The Nepal government is preparing to lease the Kathmandu-based old palaces for foreign and local investors who are willing to set up businesses catering to tourists in the next fiscal

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World’s leading Heritage hotel again – The Raj Palace

Being awarded in World Travel Awards (WTA) is no fluke and for getting awarded in same category for years in running (seven times precisely), one has to be something special.

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Naranag: Kashmir we know less about

Talking about tourism in Kashmir, will generally take you to Srinagar, Gulmarg, Sonmarg and Pahalgam. No doubt that they are the gems of the valley, but there is still a

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