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Time to kick-off: game, music and fair!

It is the month of some of the biggest festivities of the year in north India specially. It is month of festival of lights Diwali and then Chaath Puja. But

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5 reasons to go to Rajasthan in February!

Rajasthan is the land of rich history and heritage. To live upto its charm it celebrates in multiple forms all the year round. February is one of the most pleasant

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Leela Palace Udaipur is the best hotel in the country

Rajasthan seems to have developed a penchant for exquisite and exclusive hotels. No doubt, most of these hotels are a different class altogether which make them loved ones among those

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October is all devotion & music!

India’s festive season officially underway and will continue for more than a couple of months. This is time for one big festival which is celebrated in various parts of India

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Earliest sacrificers for sake of environment!

On the World Environment Day, one of the most inspiring stories of environment protection. Story of one of those rare incidents in the world, when people sacrificed their lives for

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Peppy in mother’s lap – Langurs in Mandore

Well, this post was always on cards, ever since I did my other posts on langurs of Ranthambore some time back. There were two immediate provocations (inspirations I should say).

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Top 10 ideas for travel in India in October

Monsoon has more or less retracted from the whole country and now is time for some serious fun and fest. India’s festive season officially is about to underway and will

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Three Udaipur hotels among best Heritage hotels in country

City of Lakes- Udaipur has always been popular among tourists- domestic as well as overseas for its sheer beauty. It always had some of the top notch hotels in the

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Discover offbeat Rajasthan @ Fort Auwa

Rajasthan is all about an experience of Royalty and grandeur. There is another name added to this experience. Standing tall in the rich soil of innocence, sacrifice, valour and reverence

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Rajasthan awaits with a season full of festivities

Plan a vacation to the Sun City of Rajasthan- Jodhpur, as you live it up this season in true royal style at the city’s Ranbanka Palace, Heritage Hotel. As the

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