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Five things not to miss in Jordan!

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There’s so much to do in Jordan that planning is definitely recommended to travelers who want to experience every bit of this fascinating country. These are highly recommended five things that one cannot miss out when in Jordan.

• The Dead Sea – Nature’s living miracle

Jordan’s Dead Sea remains one of the country’s top attractions for its unique water qualities, climate and historical and spiritual significance. Considered the world’s largest outdoor natural spa – Dead Sea has been the holiday and leisure spot of choice for tourists from all over the world for decades. Lie back and float into nothingness with all the goodness of the Dead Sea soaking into your skin. Rich in minerals, vitamins with healing properties, the Dead Sea mud will make you feel your skin will fresh and renewed.

• Wadi Rum – The Soul of Jordan

One of the incredible sites in Jordan is Wadi Rum, which is a beautiful semi desert region in the south of Jordan. Wadi Rum is also known as the Valley of the Moon. With its many peaks and variety walks that offer endless trekking and climbing possibilities, Wadi Rum is the world’s foremost desert climbing and hiking areas. It is filled with unbelievable rose sandstone mountains, canyons and dunes. One can explore the desert by jeep, camp out in the sands, hike or climb the mountains, take a camel or horse trek or can even go up in a hot air balloon. One should not leave Jordan without spending time in the extraordinary desert moonscape of Wadi Rum. The best time of the year to visit Wadi Rum is either in early spring (March/April) or in late autumn (October/November).

• Fall in love with Jordanian Food

Wherever you are in Jordan, you’re never too far away from a conversation about food. Every meal in Jordan can turn into a multi-course feast where several different small dishes are served for a combination of flavors. Experience new flavors with a fresh palate in Jordan where the combination of spices and fresh ingredients tastes like nothing you’ve ever had before. The spices that are used to make the flavors distinct have also been known to be traded through this region for hundreds of years. It is these spices that are the signature of great Jordanian food. The national dish of Jordan and the most distinctive Jordanian dish is the Mansaf – a traditional Jordanian dish made of lamb cooked in a sauce of fermented dried yogurt called Jameed and served with rice or bulgur. The Jordanian lemon and mint drink is refreshing and its desserts are par excellence – Kanafeh with its butter cheesy sweetness to the delicious baklava – there is something for everyone in Jordan.

• Night life in Amman

After the sunset, Amman turns into a bustling city with a thriving nightlife. The city is lined with coffee houses, bars and restaurant to soak in the spirit of celebration. The warm and friendly nature of Jordanians makes it a homely affair to go on with the flow of the night and enjoy the infectious vibe of the city. Be it the amazing Arabic architecture or tempting delicacies, Jordan reveals it’s other side only when the day turns to night.

• Aqaba- Home for Snorkeling lovers

Jordan is imagined to be a country of arid and drear mountains but on the contrary, tourists will find the rich abundant water life in Aqaba. The Gulf of Aqaba is home to 130 species of coral and hundreds of species of fish and other aquatic animals. For the passionate lovers of snorkeling, Aqaba boasts of an easy access to the underwater sport. And for the beginners, it is a whole new adventure without any hassles. It is truly a lifetime experience to participate and bring out the water sport lover in you. The corals look fascinating and photographers can capture the images from the marine camera to take the best shots.

Do these things make you pack your bags already? If you are looking for something different in your travels this year, be sure to give Jordan a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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Xtreme Adventure in Jordan – Celebrity style!

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Bringing together the ultimate combination of adrenalin pumping adventure, fitness & a healthy lifestyle – five Indian TV celebrities visited Jordan recently on an adventure trip. The celebrities who travelled to Jordan are: Kishwer Merchant, Pooja Gor, Pryanca Talukdar, Asha Negi and Mrunal Thakur. These fit and famous TV stars in their new avatar explored Jordan in the most adventurous way possible.

“The Jordan sojourn trip was planned to take them to numerous places in Jordan which are famous for adventure and their scenic beauty, and will appeal to the Indian audience. We look forward to create an outstanding content from the Xtreme trip,” commented Ashit Taneja, Country Manager- Jordan Tourism Board. The trip kicked off in Amman where shopping for local souvenirs and knick-knacks got the group enthralled. They walked through the amazing local restaurants, coffee shops, shisha (Hookah) bars, local theaters, and loved the night life and souvenirs shops that dot every corner.

The first Adventure activity of the trip started with Jordan Trail – 8 kms from Umm Qais; which includes rough terrain, mountain hike and lot of walking! The Jordan Trail which is a continuous route crossing the entire county of Jordan, offering over 650 kilometres of trail and hiking through diverse terrains and landscapes. “We participated in the trail that starts from Umm Qais and we got a taste of the exciting adventure that the entire trail offers,” said Pryanca Talukdar.

The other activity on the itinerary was Wadi Al Hidan – a 4km Canyoning experience where they had to walk through Rocky terrain, uphill climb & downhill and swim through 12 water bodies to complete. Testing fitness limits, it has been rated as a must-do adventure segment in Jordan itinerary.

“Wadi Hidan is a canyon with a river running through it, which eventually leads to Wadi Mujib, which leads all the way to the Dead Sea. The hike we did consists of hiking along wet/dry trails alongside the river, swimming through slot canyons, and had some optional cliff jumping and natural water slides which were exhilarating and wonderful,” said Asha Negi.

The next stop was a Camp in Wadi Rum for a overnight glamping (glamorous camping) experience; with fantastic facilities, food and fun! The next day, the celebrities started with a grueling mountain rock-climbing which were formed almost thousands of years ago. The scorching heat of 40 degrees and hard façade of the rock mountain was scaled by the passion and enthusiasm of the celebrities to reach the top of the rock. This was further followed by half day tour of Wadi Rum which took the celebrities through the Mars-like landscape of the area.

At Dead Sea, the adventure started when the celebrities went down to the lowest point on earth, which is 420m below sea level and found that they cannot drown due to high salt density. Mrunal Thakur felt that despite the name, “Dead Sea actually makes you feel alive and I am very fortunate to experience its magic.”

Kishwer Merchant favourite spot was Petra which according to her has the world’s best hiking trails. Accessed via a narrow canyon called Al Siq, it contains tombs and temples carved into pink sandstone cliffs, earning its nickname, the “Rose City.”

Pooja Gor enjoyed the snorkelling in Aqaba where she was on the wheel of the yatch as well and enjoyed the scuba diving in one of the best diving places on earth. “It was a superb experience being in the crisp crystal blue waters,” she said. For an adventurous trip of a lifetime, follow these stars steps and visit Jordan to experience the adventure style itinerary they followed!

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Taj Mahal, Golden temple among top 25 landmarks in world

Symbol of love and eternal beauty- The Taj Mahal in Agra and the one of the most revered religious places in India- The Golden taj-mahalTemple in Amritsar are among the top most recognized 25 landmarks in the world. This list has been compiled by the popular travel review site- TripAdvisor based on feedback from millions of its users around the world. Taj has been considered as one of the seven man-made wonders in the world. It is often referred also as greatest architectural achievement on earth, not to mention a testament to love. This list reaffirms its position as one of the most popular tourist destinations around the globe. Similarly, Golden temple in Amritsar, built by the fifth Guru Arjan Sahib in 1604 A.D. is the centre of faith for all the Sikhs around the world. The sparkling Harmandir Sahib (or Darbar Sahib) in the middle of the Sarovar (pond) is an iconic image popular alike among sikhs and non-sikhs.

golden-temple-harmandirMachu Picchu in Peru was rated numero uno in the list as the most popular landmark in the world. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center at Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates stood second in the list.  Taj is third and following it is Great Cathedral and Mosque at Cordoba in Spain. Among the holiest places for all the christians in the world St. Peter’s Basilica at Vatican City stands fifth. Next two positions go to two iconic temples in Siam Reap in Cambodia- Angkor Wat and Bayon Temple. One of the most amazing structures of our times Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg, Russia is the next. Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania and Ancient City Walls at Dubrovnik in Croatia complete the top ten.

machu-picchuAwesome and overwhelming structures of Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar are eleventh. At no 12 is Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool at Washington DC, District of Columbia. Surprisingly two bigger landmarks are ranked lowly- Petra World Heritage Site at Petra – Wadi Musa, Jordan at 13th and Great wall of China at 14th. Ancient City of Ephesus, Selcuk, Turkey is 15th and 16th is The Alhambra at Granada in Spain. Australian War Memorial at Canberra in Australia is 17th and Siena Cathedral at Siena in Italy is 18th. Completing the top 20 are Milan Cathedral (Duomo) at Milan, Italy and Basilica of the Sagrada Familia at Barcelona in Spain.
petra-world-heritageWe all have seen images of Golden gate bridge at San Francisco, California shrouded with with clouds. That iconic bridge is at number 21. And, 22nd in the list is Cristo Redentor (Statue of Christ the Redeemer) at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which again is surprisingly ranked very low. Teotihuacan World Heritage Site at San Juan Teotihuacan in Mexico is 23rd, just before the Golden temple in Amritsar. While last in the list is Sydney Opera House in Australia. One may say that there are many misses from this list, just as Pyramids of Giza, Hanging Minar of Pisa, Colosseum of Rome and Acropolis & Parthenon of Greece. Still lists are ever-evolving and this world has much more to see than we presume.