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Experience the best of bush, beach and highlands in Sri Lanka!

It’s not about a hotel, but about a whole chain of hotels. We often review hotels on their facilities, rooms, comfort, but here I am talking about the outdoor experience

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Negombo, I remember

It was painful to watch the aftermath of carnage at St Sebastian’s Church in Negombo. For that matter, heart pained for Sri Lanka as a whole. No innocent people need

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Visit Sri Lanka for some warmth this winter

Is the winter too harsh here in the north? Well, if you need some sunshine, why don’t you move south… further upto Sri Lanka. And, its not just sunshine, it

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This full moon experience the Kandy Esala Perahera

Held annually in the full-moon month of ‘Esala’, the Kandy Esala Perahera is the ultimate celebration and showcase of Sri Lanka’s rich heritage and vibrant culture. The significance of the

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ऊँ at the Colombo World War Cemetery!

Every city has some hidden gems that normal tourists are unaware of. Every city also has a fabulous history whose all aspects are not known to us. What you need

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Dalada Maligawa houses Buddha’s sacred tooth as relic

Well, India shares a lot of its history with Sri Lanka – since mythological times! Ditto with Buddhism, which spread from India to Sri Lanka. As a traveler Indians will

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An orphanage for the mighty at Pinnawala

Small islands don’t have big animals- goes the saying, not actually so for Sri Lanka. The little emerald island with population less than 17 of Indian states has a big

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Looking down- A photo experience!

How one feels while looking down deep! Is it a feeling of fear… or of being high up then others! Does it make you any humble or too realistic about

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Peradeniya, Kandy: Much beyond a Botanical Gardens

Royal Botanical Gardens at Peradeniya, Kandy in heart of Sri Lanka is truly spectacular, much beyond a mere botanical garden, a paradise, riot of colours, heaven of orchids. A must see

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