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Changing colours of the City Palace : Shades of light and life!

Shades of light are as mesmerising as the shades of life. How often they go hand to hand! I might seem like being too philosophical but often loss of somebody

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Going to Udaipur! Don’t miss on these 10 things!

Its one of the most popular tourist destinations in India—for domestic and overseas tourists alike. Udaipur, better known as City of lakes is truly special, calm and beautiful. It has

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Night of Lights at City of Lakes- a photogallery

No wonder Udaipur is among top Indian cities to record highest tourist footfall- domestic as well as international. City of Lakes is unparalleled in many ways, one among them is

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Three Udaipur hotels among best Heritage hotels in country

City of Lakes- Udaipur has always been popular among tourists- domestic as well as overseas for its sheer beauty. It always had some of the top notch hotels in the

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Lake Palace, Udaipur among top 10 lakeside hotels in world

Taj Lake Palace hotel in Udaipur, India is among top 10 lakeside hotels in world selected by Tripadvisor based on its user reviews. Lake Palace, as the name suggests is

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