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How strong is your passport!

Two thousand four hundred and sixty-odd years ago in Persia, King Artaxerxes granted one of his officials, Nehemiah, leave of absence to travel to Judea. With him, the King sent a letter to the “governors beyond the river” requesting safe passage for his servant as he crossed the Euphrates on his way to Jerusalem.

Thus began the story of the passport. Two and a half millennia later, one in three Americans, nine in ten Norwegians and 5% of Chinese have one. The UK prints five million of them a year, or one every 2.5 seconds, at a secret location in the north of England. Three million of them are flying 30,000 feet above you as we speak.

Of course, passports have taken on additional functions and evolved in both style and content since the days of Nehemiah, but they still serve the same essential purpose: granting its bearer freedom of movement across borders.

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A passport’s source of value is the extent to which it is acknowledged as an entry permit to jurisdictions around the world and while some passports are hardly worth the paper on which they are printed, others are worth their weight in gold (and sometimes a lot more, actually: weighing in at about 25 grams, a Cypriot passport, if you’re buying one, is worth 100 times its weight in gold).

American passports, for example, are in high demand, and for good reason: they afford access to 174 countries and territories around the world, including most of Europe. Of course, holding a passport from a superpower can also have its disadvantages; nobody ever hijacked a plane threatening to kill all the Estonians.

Afghan passport-holders, conversely, have visa-free access to only 25 countries (the land beyond the Euphrates not being one of them) and have no choice but to endure byzantine and bureaucratic ordeals to obtain one even to travel their neighbours in Central Asia.
And if you are interested in knowing in how your Indian passport fares in the world, than Indian passport takes you visa-free or with visa on arrival to 59 countries. So long way to go for Indian passport to become stronger.

The 25 Most Powerful Passports Around The World

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Sweden has the strongest passport in the world

Top10As any avid traveller knows, passports are the key to adventures. Passports are the ultimate “don’t leave home without it” item, but the nationality of your passport can have a major effect on your travel plans and time abroad. To clue you in on the effects your passport can have, GoEuro has undertaken the task of analysing passports from 50 countries around the world to discover which nationalities’ passports are the most useful in making your way around the globe.

IndiaThe US passport has long been considered the most powerful passport in the world – until now. GoEuro ranks the US passport at number five. Taking the top spot in GoEuro’s poll is the Swedish passport which allows its holders access to 174 countries and costs $43 to renew, only one hour’s work on minimum wage. The US passport in comparison costs $135 to renew, a total of 19 hours of work at minimum wage. Passport rankings were based on visa free access as well as various other factors. The ability of a citizen to obtain a passport is a key point when considering the passport value, which is why we also factored in data such as pricing, length of validity, and the amount of hours a citizen must work to obtain their passport. All factors were weighted and scored to produce the ultimate passport ranking. India ranks 48th in the list, just a notch below China.

Passports in numbers

PowerIt costs how much? While the US does have one of the most expensive passports globally, it is peanuts compared to Turkey’s passport that costs $251 to renew. At the other end of the scale, UAE’s passport is the cheapest at just $14.

SwedenHow many hours? While working for 19 hours to save for a passport does seem a bit extreme, spare a thought for citizens of Liberia who have to work a whopping 278 hours at minimum wage to save the $50 needed to renew their passport.

AustriaWhere can you go? Holders of Sweden, Finland, Germany, USA and United Kingdom passports have the greatest freedom of movement with visa free access to 174 countries. However at the bottom of the list is the Afghanistan passport which only allows access to just 28 countries.

CanadaTo determine which factors would be use in ranking these passports GoEuro commissioned a poll to find out what contributes to a passport’s power. The company ranked the passports based on visa free access as well as cost of renewing the passport, length of validity and the amount of hours a one must work to obtain their passport. All factors were weighted and scored to produce the ultimate passport ranking.FinlandMalaysia

A passport to palace on wheels!

Luxury train Palace on Wheels ready to move from Delhi
Luxury train Palace on Wheels ready to move from Delhi

Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation Limited (RTDC), have started a innovative experiment in the world-famous luxury train Palace on Wheels for tourists. A passport size diary has provided to the every travelling tourist in Place on Wheels. The diary included traveller’s name and photo along with entire trip details (itinerary) are printed. The diary will be like a “memento’’ for the tourists who travelling in luxury train. This diary was designed like a passport. It is being planned to include menu and other useful stuff in this diary in future.

Main purpose of this “passport” in Palace on Wheels is giving a special VVIP identity to the tourist. RTDC is also planning to implement this diary service in super deluxe train ‘ROYAL RAJASTHAN ON WHEELS’, which will be rolled on from October 6 of this year.  RTDC is also planning to propose the tariff of the train in Indian currency so that these royal trains could attract more domestic tourists.