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Peradeniya, Kandy: Much beyond a Botanical GardensPeradeniya, Kandy: Much beyond a Botanical Gardens

Royal Botanical Gardens at Peradeniya, Kandy in heart of Sri Lanka is truly spectacular, much beyond a mere botanical garden, a paradise, riot of colours, heaven of orchids. A must see for all travelers to Sri Lanka. So huge that not easy for a normal traveler to see it in a day. Need to have ample […]



Beautiful Orchids at SingaporeBeautiful Orchids at Singapore

When it is Singapore, it has to be Orchids, of different colours and sizes and hues! Orchidarium at the Singapore Botanic Gardens is one of the finest places to see Orchids in full majestic bloom. What else, this might be also an amazing place to get some Orchid based souvenirs- real orchids preserved for ever, […]


Singapore Botanic GardensSingapore Botanic Gardens

One of the few Botanical gardens outside India that I had privilege to visit and Singapore one was indeed one and the most beautiful of them. Indeed worth a visit. A glimpse of the beauty established in 1859. It has already celebrated 150 years of existence. Fittingly it is Singapore’s only entry to UNESCO World […]