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Whispering winds, hovering clouds and a ghost which wasn’t there!Whispering winds, hovering clouds and a ghost which wasn’t there!

If I would have been believing in ghosts than I could have said that this ghost certainly loved nature and he lived in most exotic of locations. Ghosts or not, this place known as Abbott Mount certainly had a captivating charm. It did create a magnetic pull on us. As soon as I came to […]



Roatrip to Kaza in Spiti valleyRoatrip to Kaza in Spiti valley

 Kaza in Spiti valley is one of those places in the Himalayan India which bikers yearn for, besides the all-famous Manali-Leh route. But unlike the Leh-Manali route in Lahaul valley, the Spiti valley remains open for almost all the year round. Although winters might be severely cold there, but coming two months could be the […]


अराउंड द वर्ल्ड फॉर अ रिकॉर्डअराउंड द वर्ल्ड फॉर अ रिकॉर्ड

सैर कर दुनिया की गाफिल, जिंदगानी फिर कहा… इन पंक्तियों से यूं तो कई लोग घुमक्कड़ी की प्रेरणा हासिल करते हैं, लेकिन कुछ बिरले ही हैं जो वाकई दुनिया की सैर करने की हिम्मत जुटा पाते हैं। अब जनाब दुनिया की सैर करना इतना आसान भी तो नहीं। अराउंड द वर्ल्ड इन एट डॉलर्स, देखने […]