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Ten ways to rekindle your romance in Greece

Whether you are looking for an ideal honeymoon destination or just a romantic escape, the beauty and diversity of the Greek landscape forms the most romantic backdrop to celebrate your love. Search for your fairy-tale romance in the Greek islands, a perfect honeymoon destination bathed in sunlight all year long. Explore with your other half the islands on a cruise and enjoy sun-kissed beaches, superb natural landscapes, cosmopolitan resorts and traditional settlements alike or taste exquisite local dishes. Santorini, Mykonos and Corfu rank among the most popular romantic getaways in Greece but don’t forget to pay a visit to the rest of the Aegean and Ionian islands as well!

A night out facing the Thermaic Gulf

Enjoy your drink or a glass of wine, on one of the boat bars that sail in the Thermaic Gulf along Thessaloniki’s old beachfront. The cityscape bathed in the moonlight will steal your heart away!

Kerkini Lake

A boating trip in Lake Kerkini

Opt for an unforgettable boating trip in the arms of nature, in the calm waters of Lake Kerkini. This man-made lake is situated only 35 km NW of Serres town, amidst amazing natural surroundings, and it offers a beautiful view of Mt Beles and the valley of Rodopi. Flocks of rare bird species will keep you company while you enjoy your outing!

A swim under the moonlight

Go swimming with your better half under the moonlight in the tranquil waters of Schoinias beach; you can have this unique night swim experience only 50 km away from the centre of Athens. Walk barefoot on the sand and enjoy your cocktail in one of the beach bars along the coast.

Canal D’Amour Beach in Corfu

Natural spa on the Canal D’Amour beach

Visit the well-known Canal D’Amour Beach in Sidari, Corfu Island. Explore the unique geological formations, swim in the cool waters, treat your body with the therapeutic grey mud of its rocks and feel all the goodness of a natural spa by the seashore.

A stroll in the castle of the knights

Hold hands with your loved one and wander along the stone cobbled alleys of the medieval town on Rhodes Island and let the magic of fairy-tale surroundings take you on a journey through time!

A bicycle ride in Nafplio

Discover a new way to get around town that is more convenient, hygienic, economical and environmentally friendly.  Travel to Nafplio and enjoy a bike ride along the coast facing the Argolic Gulf as well as the well-known castles Bourtzi and Palamidi.

A carriage ride on Spetses Island

Take a trip to lordly Spetses Island and enjoy your ride on a horse-driven carriage along the coastline. Admire the island’s mansions and the Old Seaport area. Make a stop at Poseidonio square and taste the local almond sweets that are traditionally offered in weddings and other happy occasions.

Travel by train

Board the train of a bygone era, which crosses the green Vouraikos gully and then climbs the steep mountainsides of Mt Helmos all the way to Kalavryta town. Sit back and relax in the historic rack railway carriages, known as Odontotos. Enjoy with your partner the route across this lovely part of Greek countryside accessible only by train.

Aerial View of skiers at Ski Resort Vasilitsa in the mountain range of Pindos, in Greece.

Skiing under a starlit sky

If adventure is what both of you are after, then why not try your ski routines under the starlight? Every Saturday you can go for night skiing at Vasilitsa ski resort right in the heart of the Pindus range. Ski down the lighted pistes in the company of your loved one and feel the adrenaline rush in your body!

Dinner at Chora, Alonnisos Island

Taste top quality local fresh fish dishes such as lobster spaghetti and kakavia soup (made of a variety of small tasty fish); and make sure you try the Alonnisos prime quality tuna fish, maybe as one of the courses during a candlelit dinner, in a place that for some people is considered to be the loveliest Chora (main town) of the Sporades Islands!

With so many romantic activities to pick from, Greece could be rated as the perfect choice of place to pop the question, to spend your honeymoon, to celebrate your anniversary, to have a great time on your first date, or to find your better half visiting idyllic locations. Next to the amazing Greek countryside, you will find accommodation in traditional guest houses, rural tourist lodgings, youth hostels, luxury hotels, tourist resorts and mansions, offering to you and your partner the opportunity to spend the perfect holidays in Greece!

Have you spent some romantic time in Greece? Share your lovely experiences with us in the comments section below.

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Mihir Garh is the World’s Best Boutique Hotel

Splendid, as Oasis in Desert
Splendid, as Oasis in Desert

There is one more International award coming to Indian hotels’ way. A luxurious boutique hotel in Rajasthan, ‘Mihir Garh’ has been crowned as the ‘World’s Best Boutique Hotel’.The property was awarded this honor at the award ceremony organized by the supreme international body that gives away these awards. ‘Mihir Garh’ was competing against a few of the finest hotels from across the world, and has brought home this coveted title. The Boutique Hotel Awards is the world’s first and only prize dedicated exclusively to luxury boutique properties, providing a global arena in which hotels can showcase their unique excellence. Above all, the World Boutique Hotel Awards looks for hotels that are undeniably, irrefutably unique.

So surreal!
So surreal!

Mihir Garh – the ‘Fort of the Sun’, the dream project of husband-and-wife owners – Sidharth and Rashmi Singh, is a palatial boutique fort perched on a single dune amongst the sands of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, around 55 kilometers south west of Jodhpur. Built with a sense of rustic elegance, while tastefully blending the contemporary style, Mihir Garh truly stands out in the midst of the unspoilt desert vistas. The couple also owns the acclaimed Rohet Garh nearby.

Owned by one of the keenest horsemen in Rajasthan, Sidharth Singh, ‘Mihir Garh’ is a fort is made of wattle, mud and wood, and comprises of only nine suites set over two floors. Not surprisingly, Mihir Garh family boasts some of the finest ‘Marwari’ breed of horses in its stables. The flooring of each room has been done using a special plaster technique known to only one man in the entire region of Jodhpur. He along with a helper have put in hours of labor in creating the very exclusive floors that Mihir Garh takes pride in.The workmen (over a hundred of them) come from the region itself bringing in the local lilt. The village women of Khandi and Haji have lovingly created the fireplaces using age old technique of cow dung and clay! From paintings to curtain holders, every little thing has been specially designed for Mihir Garh.

For Romantic and Private moments!
For Romantic and Private moments!

Each suite offers more than 1700 square feet of space, and a private jacuzzi or plunge pool. Numerous alcoves, lounges and common areas commanding a spectacular view have been designed, to allow guests to experience intimacy and romantic privacy during their stay.  From the colors used for the interiors, to the careful selection of building material, rich tradition of this land has been maintained, inspiration being the rural village architecture of Western Rajasthan. There are a variety of treatments available at Mihir Garh’s spa, which combined with Al fresco breakfasts, royal picnics and culinary workshops, compliment the stay, giving a true experience of the World’s Best Boutique Hotel. Completed in 2009, this palatial boutique fort is a true retreat!  

Royal, Rural and Regional!!
Royal, Rural and Regional!!

They offer exceptional horse safaris through the local countryside and into the desert. Furthermore, they offer superb village safaris showcasing the prevalent Bishnoi tribal culture surrounding Mihir Garh. The recipes come from books on traditional Rajasthan cooking authored by the owner’s mother, Late Thakurarni Sahiba Jayendra Kumari. And culinary workshops and demonstrations are held so guests can learn to make the delicacies that they enjoy here. Mihir Garh was also one of the winners in the World’s Best Romantic Retreats category.

Boutique Hotel Awards has quite a big way to decide the winners.The process is started by conducting a thorough interview with a hotel’s manager or owner. The questions are tailored to each hotel, since most (or the good ones at least) are very different. There is a collection of well-traveled judges, often with expertise in a field closely linked to the award category they’re reviewing. It is also believed that each hotel shortlisted for one of awards is reviewed in person, with the judge staying exactly as a guest would do. No matter how detailed any research is, there’s no substitute for personally experiencing what a hotel has to offer and
meeting the people behind it. Elements of design and concept, dining, facilities, location and service are included in the review they perform. Also gauged is the emotional journey, focusing more on the feel achieved by a hotel rather than using strict quotas or standards in judging. Panel then meets once all the hotels have been evaluated to pour over the reviews and other research gathered by team to decide upon the winners.