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Now go to North Island in Seychelles for Babymoon Bliss

Travel is diversifying itself so fast that you get to see new genres and sub-genres developing every now and then. It all depends on how quickly are you able to

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Paradisiacal Seychelles has too much to offer

Heard a lot about Maldives, Mauritius and Fiji? Let’s go to Seychelles then. Yet another gem of the Indian Ocean. Situated off the eastern coast of Africa in the Indian

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A beautiful ‘Assumption’ leading to discontent!

Almost 5,500 kms from Delhi, far down in Indian Ocean just about 600 kms from coast of Tanzania in Africa, an unimaginably beautiful tiny island with an area of just

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Seychelles waits with its Creole

The 28th edition of the Creole Festival that will be celebrated from October 25-31, 2013 in the Seychelles is all set to go. This annual manifestation is aimed to raise

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Seychelles islands welcomes Bollywood

After taking Europe by storm in their mission to mark the 100 years of Bollywood, cinema high profiles of the Indian film and music industry touched down on Seychelles islands

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