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Jagmandir- island palace meant for fun and recreation

Udaipur is famous world over as City of Lakes and is among the top cities in India to attract foreign tourists. Owing to its natural beauty, serene calm and rich

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Changing colours of the City Palace : Shades of light and life!

Shades of light are as mesmerising as the shades of life. How often they go hand to hand! I might seem like being too philosophical but often loss of somebody

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…the pink sunset

We had already crossed the visible stretch of the Sambhar Lake from railway station to the refinery close to dam. Charmed by the Pink Salt we were on the next part

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The Pink Salt…

It was long overdue. And, I was actually ashamed of myself for not having being there till now, despite being so close. Of late, it was almost decided in my

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Ushering in the New Year where seas meet!

Where will you bid adieu the year 2016 and welcome the New year? A question often strikes in the last month of the year to all travellers.  There are few

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Sea on fire : Sunset at Bali beach

In an earlier post I had showcased some Sunset silhouettes from the Kuta beach in Bali. But I haven’t included the actual sunset photos in the post and saved them

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Magical sunset at Prambanan Temple

From Goa to Bali, no two sunsets are ever same- not even two sunsets at same place for two days, more so not even a sunset at same place on

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Why the last sunset of the year has to be so beautiful!

Why the last sunset of the year has to be so beautiful! I wonder. Sometimes its so magical that you don’t want to let the year pass by… Although it

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Majorda calling! Once again!!

I have very beautiful memories of Majorda in South Goa, the last time I went there. We were there for a trekking programme and our camp was right on the

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Ocean on fire – World Photography Day special

Indian Ocean on fire, hundreds of kilometres south-west of Indian coast, deep inside the sea and close to Maldives. Don’t know about others, but I have no qualms in accepting

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