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Top 10 ideas for travel in India in October

Monsoon has more or less retracted from the whole country and now is time for some serious fun and fest. India’s festive season officially is about to underway and will

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Its all about Kerala this August

The largest team sport in the world, boat races of Kerala (known vernacularly as Vallamkali) flaunts the social and cultural integrity and diversity of God’s Own Country. The awe-inspiring snake

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10 new destinations to cool-off

Sick of all those routine destinations in hills—seemingly same mall roads with hordes of tourists going up and down, same type of shops selling almost homogenous souvenirs, same crowd and

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Seaplanes to take-off in Goa after monsoon

Landing trials conducted in Panaji The Goa government has gone ahead with its tourism proposal amid protests by fishermen community and conducted trial of sea plane landing on Mandovi river

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Goa launches hot air balloon & amphibious vehicle

The Goa Government has launched hot air balloon and amphibious vehicle services in the picturesque state of beaches.Tourists can now travel in the hot air balloon that will fly over

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Top 10 ideas for travel in India in May

These are tough times, when there is a big tragedy so close, as seen in Nepal. Wouldn’t it have been first choice for many of us to visit in summer

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Top 10 things to see before you reach Kaza

It is indeed one of the most beautiful and challenging road journeys in India and arguably, in the world. A road trip to Spiti valley from Shimla to Kaza is

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Top 10 trekking ideas for April

The annual holiday season is right at the corner and one has got many options to choose from. Adventure tourism in general and trekking in particular is always flavour of

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Goa ranks 6th in global nightlife

Despite many controversies surrounding, Goa has been getting recognition as a safe tourism destination, what many places in India cant boast of. Goa has been positioned sixth in the list

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Top 10 travel ideas for February

Its Spring time, although chill is still in the air. Time of romance and enjoyment. Carnival time at places around the world. Time for some of the best festivals for

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