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Namprikdang in mystical land of the LepchasNamprikdang in mystical land of the Lepchas

I had not heard about the Namprikdang in my earlier visits to Sikkim, until a trip exactly ten years back. Then, one of the senior most tourism officers of the state himself suggested us to go there. We were then already on way to North Sikkim. Hence we decided to stay there on our way […]



Colour and culture at Dangs DarbarColour and culture at Dangs Darbar

Dang Darbar to be held on 13th March 14 upto 15th March 14 honours a tradition that began in British times when the rulers and other leaders of villages got together for gathering called “Darbar”. The tradition continues today in the Dangs, a tribal dominated district in South Gujarat in India as many of the former Rajas and Naiks […]