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Tintin is calling for the Comic Strip Festival

If you love comics, then you will certainly love Tintin and when it comes to Tintin, Belgians love him. He is fondly considered as the first citizen of the capital

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Daughter breastfeeds prisoned father and gets immortalised!

This is the Memmelocke Statue at Botermarkt 17 in Ghent, Belgium. A classical sculpture on the top of a building which was once the entrance to the city prison and

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The whole of Bruges is a public art gallery

Bruges is one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium and perhaps on the northern coast of Europe. The entire historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As with

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PK at Bruges- a first for Bollywood

Bruges, ‘the Venice of the North’, a splendid medieval Art City in Flanders,  Belgium is one of the main locations of the Bollywood film Peekay (PK), the first Indian feature

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