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Ten wayward manatees rescued

Members of the SeaWorld Orlando Rescue Team at Florida, USA traveled to Charleston, S.C. recently, where in collaboration with multiple organisations and volunteers – they helped save 10 wayward manatees.

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Some wild moments in Sariska!

SO finally the cliché of the visit. Earlier four accounts- Bhangarh, Kankwari, Neelkanth and the Birds were quite fascinating and actually different from usual routines of visit to the national park. But

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Panna Tiger Reserve : Few images sans tigers!

This is last post from my visit to Panna Tiger Reserve and National Park last month. And this one is not about tigers. I had always enjoyed wild, whether there

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Two cubs on play at Panna – a photo essay

Tiger is a solitary animal, it likes to be alone in its territory along with his female partners. Often tigers get injured, many times fatally in territorial fights. Even two

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Returning to the tiger in Panna

Panna tiger reserve has a special place personally for me. I have three personal firsts associated with this national park. It was here that I had my very first tiger

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Celebrating World Wildlife Day – A joyful photo journey!

Its World Wildlife Day today. UN has been celebrating this day since last year. This year theme for the World Wildlife Day is “The Future of wildlife is in our

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Romancing the wildlife at GIR

As the norm is, being to a national park or reserve invariably means watching a big cat. The success of visit always depends on having a sight or not having

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Sniffer dogs to take care of big cats

Dogs and cats might have a love-hate relationship but these dogs are determined to protect the bigger cats in the jungle. These are wildlife sniffer dogs. And these dogs recently

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An app to safeguard wildlife

  From bear paw soup to pangolin scales, people can now report suspected illegal wildlife trade in South-East Asia using a smartphone app developed by the Taronga Conservation Society Australia

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On a wing and a prayer: Amur Falcon in India

After the mayhem reported last year, Amur Falcons have been safe in India so far this year, thanks to the determined efforts by the Government of Nagaland and the conservation fraternity. In

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