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Traditional dance of Garhwal- Jhora at Waan

Traditional folk dance at Waan during Nanda Devi Rajjaat Yatra 2014. Last inhabitated village on Rajjaat route towards Bedini Bugyal, Waan is famous for its Latu temple. Latu is considered

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Photo of the Day – Time to be Back

Bugyali horses are very famous and watching a few galloping at a place no other than Aali Bugyal at an altitude of 13K fts could be so fascinating. Not a

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Photo of the day – Peek A Boo

Nanda Ghunti peak (6309 mts) peeking from clouds as seen from Bedni Bugyal (3354 mts), a Himalayan alpine meadow in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Bedni Bugyal  makes the  base for

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Photo of the Day – The Mighty Trishul

The mighty Trishul (trident) peak (alt: 7120 mts) as seen from Bedini Bugyal (alt: 13K ft) in Uttarakhand. Trek to Roopkund and further to Shila Samudra & Homkund from here

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Go for Turtle Watching in Oman

Talking about Gulf is not always talking about deserts, dunes, oil and camel! There is lot more to Gulf, especially country like Oman. Did you know that thousands of sea

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Photo of the day: A good evening from 14K fts

How good it feels when weather clears up after a muggy day of hard trekking. Evening view from Baguvawasa at 14,100 fts. Clouds filling up frame very quickly from top

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Nanda Devi Rajjaat Yatra – Pandav Dance

Famous Pandav Dance of Sutol Village in Chamoli district of Himalayan Uttarakhand. This dance is done by village artists when Nanda Devi Rajjaat Yatra reaches to village on its way

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Mumbai to have cultural hub on lines of Times Square

Mumbai will soon have a cultural hub on the lines of Times Square in New York. It will be developed by Maharashtra Tourism with help from Union Tourism ministry. This

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Photo of the day- Amazing double rainbow at 13k ft

A double rainbow as seen from Aali Bugyal at an altitude of more than 13 thousand feet in himalayan region of Uttarakhand. Aali Bugyal is just 3 kms from all

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Thousands accompany Nanda Devi on its mythical journey

Rajjaat concludes amidst enthusiasm braving tough weather Thousands of people gave an emotional send-off to their mythical daughter Nanda Devi at Homkund at an altitude of almost 16 thousand feet

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