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Reflecting the mighty himalayas : Photo of the Day

Reflecting the Himalayas in the Nubra valley of Ladakh. Ladakh is actually lot more than just Leh. The last permissible point in Nubra valley is Turtuk which is more than

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Hope in the Dark – Photo of the Day

These are tough times, all over. Challenges to keep the hopes afloat are tougher than ever. But even few lights might be enough to fight the darkness. That’s what perhaps

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All in the Act – Photo of the Day

Although they are not classified as migratory birds, because they are native to south of Himalayan region and spread well into south as well as south east Asia, still in

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King Duo – Photo of the Day

Though November has approached, but still day temperatures are unusually high forcing these two male lions at the GIR national park in Gujarat to be in shade for the most

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Photo of the Day – Lioness on Prowl

No sight can be more captivating and fascinating then watching the King in its territory. Well here is a queen although… but by no means lesser in beauty and pride.

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Photo of the Day – We are back

It was heartening to see the couple of painted storks back in the lake. It was bit pleasantly surprising also, because winters this year  seem to be arriving bit late

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Photo of the day – A golden moment!

A perfect sunrise turns everything into gold. It gives energy to world around. It gives warmth and colour to life, a spirit to get up and make yourself count… to

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Photo of the day – Pink Flamingos

Its simple spellbinding. Isn’t it! More so when you get to witness such a visual spectacle at some of the most unassuming of places. This is on way back to

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Photo of the day – At the crossroads

Crossroads – below and above, high up in the sky. Long way to go. Too many things to see and even a few lives might not be enough to see

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Photo of the day – The light within!

The beauty of this photo is also the character itself. Sonali Mahapatra is performing Oddissi at Khajuraho festival of dances 2015. An accomplished dancer, Sonali lost her major hearing power

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