Parade at Florida this Christmas

Trade in the cold, slushy snow for white powdery sand this holiday season! With an abundance of sunshine and more than 800 miles of beautiful beaches, it is no wonder travelers from around the country flock to Florida for a sunny December. With all the activities happening around the state, there is a multitude of ways to experience the holidays like never before. Pensacola Christmas Parade                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Downtown Pensacola comes alive when more than 50,000 people flock to Palafox Place to enjoy the annual Chr

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Give gift of travel this Christmas

Trafalgar, the world’s leading guided holiday operator has some suggestions for gift-giving this Christmas. In particular, consider giving the gift of travel, an experience gift where the bonus perk is that the gift giver can choose to enjoy the gift together with their recipient. As the holiday season approaches, celebrate the festive season with loved ones and choose a special travel gift with unique experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Buying a travel trip as a gift is much more meaningful than choosing a gift at the shops. Most importantly, there is no expiry date on the warranty period of benefits, as the travel experiences will last a lifetime. Besides shared memories together, when visiting a new country, there is much to learn and discover and try new things. From

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