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Majorda calling! Once again!!

I have very beautiful memories of Majorda in South Goa, the last time I went there. We were there for a trekking programme and our camp was right on the

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Riding a Ducati in picturesque Munnar

Well, I would have always preferred a Harley Davidson under me, having driven its country cousin (RE TBTS) for years, but still Ducati was always a welcome option for many

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Celebrate the Holiday Season in the Sunshine State

This season, the state of Florida will shine extra bright with holiday spirit as millions of Christmas lights delicately cover the land and water, and the smell of delicious delicacies

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Ellora caves have one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world

Waterfalls are one of the most fascinating creations of the nature. Talking about great waterfalls is not just about being majestic. Its also about the sheer beauty that mesmerises. So

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Millions of Amur Falcons return to Doyang

Two tagged falcons complete two rounds from Mongolia to South Africa As two of the three Amur falcons tagged with satellite tracking chips last year returned to the north-eastern Indian

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A little rant, okay ? Just blowing off my anger

Sane voices need to be loud and clear!

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Hope in the Dark – Photo of the Day

These are tough times, all over. Challenges to keep the hopes afloat are tougher than ever. But even few lights might be enough to fight the darkness. That’s what perhaps

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All in the Act – Photo of the Day

Although they are not classified as migratory birds, because they are native to south of Himalayan region and spread well into south as well as south east Asia, still in

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Philadelphia named 1st world heritage city in US

The City of Philadelphia has become the first World Heritage City in the United States. It received the designation through a vote taken by the XIII World Congress of the Organization

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Luxury in Heritage – Devigarh

Made famous almost a decade ago by some fat celebrity weddings, Devigarh owned by Lebua Hotels and Resorts is a heritage hotel, housed in an 18th-century palace in the village of Delaware

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