Flying like a bird in a paraglider

A complete guide to paragliding at Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh We were being driven to Billing from Bir for the paragliding session. They combine to make it Bir-Billing, India’s paragliding hotspot. And, if you seriously think that paragliding at Bir-Billing is a thrilling experience, then hold on- travelling to Billing from Bir itself is by no means less thrilling, more so if you are travelling in a vehicle provided by your paragliding operator to carry you to the take-off site.  You will always find a few gliders in the sky at Bir Billing To take the paraglider down this magnificently picturesque valley, you need to reach the Billing hill first, or it is a small table top over the hill, overlooking majestic landscape. It’s a steep uphill drive of around 16 kilometres o...

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