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A thrill named Hexa

It is certainly going to create a sensation. It has got the looks and it has also got the attitude. It is going to interest a lot many thrill seekers.

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Sheroes : A monumental zeal of human spirit!

Well, honestly it was always on cards while visiting Agra. Honestly also, the trip to Sheroes Hangout meant for us more than a stopover for a food to a restaurant.

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Vagabond at a cruise : Super Star Virgo

Cruises are always fascinating. Its a different world. Indians love cruise and every year a large number of Indian tourists go to different cruise hubs in Asia like Singapore and

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Asus goes premium, in show and in phones as well!

The launch of Asus Zenfone2 series was for mass and Zenfone3 series was launched for class. The difference was quite striking- in the phones of the new series as well

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A mouse does a ‘Yoga’ and becomes a remote control!

Lenovo, the world’s largest PC maker and a significant player in tablets and smartphones, has announced the launch of its latest convertible laptop in India, the YOGA 710. Powered by a 6th

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ASUS upgrades its Zenfone Selfie

Selfie expert smartphones are selling like hotcakes. Close on the heels of Oppo’s plans to launch its F1s Sefie Expert Camera, ASUS has already launched upgraded version of its Zenfone

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Dhanaulti is more serene than its famed neighbourhood

While getting down from Mussoorie, just around the so-called Mussoorie Lake area the traffic jam was really scary. It was abnormal and the jam of vehicles going towards the ‘Queen

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A power packed Maximiser : ASUS ZenFone Max

Almost two years ago when I went to Uttarakhand Himalayas for 14 days to document the Nanda Devi Rajjat Yatra, I was carrying my old love Nokia C7 phone with

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ASUS goes MAX with its new Zenfone

There seems to be shift in war to capture mid-range smartphone market. With improved technology, focus suddenly seems to have shifted on battery performance. Hence, the day GIONEE advertised its

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Gajah Museum : A slice of Indonesian culture

In my earlier post about Jakarta, I had mentioned about the National Museum of Indonesia. The building which houses this museum is called as Gedung Gajah because of an elephant

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