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In the Urban Jungle with Zenfone Zoom

How often will you be forced to leave your bulky DSLR camera just because you are not willing to carry any bag! And how often will you rue not carrying

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Power of Zen is capable of turning fortunes of Tablet market!

Tough to review a tablet when the picture is not that rosy for the sector. But will new year bring some change in fortunes? Stats are yet to come out

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Sharp as Laser & my travel partner as well- ASUS ZenFone 2

Being a NOKIA addict right from start, I had never tried to change my mobile phone brand. I used to feel that NOKIA handsets are more user-friendly. Hence, I refused

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This ZICA is confident and agile

The whole ZICA experience was put together by Indiblogger who took 60 bloggers from the country for a ride (not literally), a drive actually. So, that Sunday morning there were

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A wholesome awesome ZICA

Prelude: Tough to write about a car in times when ‘odds’ are so stacked against them from Paris to Delhi. Well, I will still try to hold an ‘even’ course

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Luxury in Heritage – Devigarh

Made famous almost a decade ago by some fat celebrity weddings, Devigarh owned by Lebua Hotels and Resorts is a heritage hotel, housed in an 18th-century palace in the village of Delaware

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Indian Accent is the most popular restaurant in India

We Indians love our food. Ain’t we! We can proudly challenge any country in the world with the wide range of food we have from North to South and East

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The power of Zen! Really!!

Putting up together an excellent smart phone is not an easy task and putting up and excellent show to launch an excellent phone really needs extra smartness. I never thought

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केरल की आबोहवा में होकर तरोताजा

सेहत के लिए सैरः केरल आयुर्वेद चिकित्सा पद्धति के लिए भी प्रसिद्ध है। दुनियाभर से लोग अद्भुत प्राकृतिक खूबसूरती के साथ-साथ उसकी चिकित्सा में खुद को चुस्त-दुरुस्त करने आते हैं …………………..

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