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Wings of Gold – Himalayan Golden Eagle in flight!Wings of Gold – Himalayan Golden Eagle in flight!

First time I saw a Himalayan Golden Eagle in flight or else was way back in 1993, somewhere in Kullu-Parvati valley while trekking to Chanderkhani Pass. But that time I had a film camera and not so good lenses. Focussing was issue and it wasn’t possible to use many shots on flying bird in a […]



Poetry in motion: Birds in flight at MangalajodiPoetry in motion: Birds in flight at Mangalajodi

Mangalajodi has been an extraordinary experience for lot many reasons. Since my first visit to Chilika almost a decade ago, I was always keen to return to this place for another bird-watching stint. Then, had heard some extraordinary things about Mangalajodi- it being the poachers haven and then a turn-around which converted hunters to protectors. […]


Birding in a tiger reserveBirding in a tiger reserve

I am not a birder specifically, but being interested in wildlife I love bird watching as much as I love sighting tigers. Both give you equal chance to play with your camera. All the tiger reserves and national parks per say (other than specific bird sanctuaries) too have rivers, lakes, ponds and other water holes […]


Waiting to bask in glory!Waiting to bask in glory!

With sunlight ready to colour them, two pairs of Mallard Ducks trying to move away from my constant gaze of my camera lens. Belonging to the Anatidae family, these ducks migrate to many wetlands in Delhi NCR region as well during the winters. Sanjay Lake in east Delhi has a good number of mallards every […]