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Shah Waliullah Library: A little effort with a rare, outstanding reach!

For book lovers around the world, libraries bring together a world of fascination. Libraries not just store the large, larger and largest volume of books, but big or small, they

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Once in a Blue Moon!

Rare phenomenon  need to be captured through extraordinary attempts. My extraordinary was to be stationed at same place for more than two hours clicking images at regular intervals. But not

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Onam to Bathukamma via Ladakh Festival!

It is one of those months, which have festivities right from start till end and that too almost in every corner of the country and with many shades. How wonderful

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October is all devotion & music!

India’s festive season officially underway and will continue for more than a couple of months. This is time for one big festival which is celebrated in various parts of India

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A Chand Raat stroll at Jama Masjid on this Eid

This is the happier time after month of sorrowful fasting of Ramadan. Chand Raat brings joyful people to the market for shopping. It is also one of our favourite times

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Why Delhi’s failed BRT is a hit in Jakarta!

When erstwhile Congress government in Delhi was planning a BRT corridor to decongest traffic in the Indian capital city, it said that its officials had studied many such projects around

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Milking a lake and killing it too!

Its the story of the ‘goose that laid the golden egg’. Quite similar to my earlier post on Hills: Don’t we need them anymore. But irony is, while the earlier

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Eyes firmly upon you!

With you under watch every time, everywhere; your all actions under scrutiny, questionable; its interesting to see that how these little birds react under constant gaze of the camera. Birds

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All in the Act – Photo of the Day

Although they are not classified as migratory birds, because they are native to south of Himalayan region and spread well into south as well as south east Asia, still in

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My prized catch – A photo gallery

Migratory birds are treat to be shot (through camera of course). They are here, in many parts of the peninsular India. This is the most awaited time to visit the

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