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Ten ways to rekindle your romance in Greece

Whether you are looking for an ideal honeymoon destination or just a romantic escape, the beauty and diversity of the Greek landscape forms the most romantic backdrop to celebrate your love. Search for your fairy-tale romance in the Greek islands, a perfect honeymoon destination bathed in sunlight all year long. Explore with your other half the islands on a cruise and enjoy sun-kissed beaches, superb natural landscapes, cosmopolitan resorts and traditional settlements alike or taste exquisite local dishes. Santorini, Mykonos and Corfu rank among the most popular romantic getaways in Greece but don’t forget to pay a visit to the rest of the Aegean and Ionian islands as well!

A night out facing the Thermaic Gulf

Enjoy your drink or a glass of wine, on one of the boat bars that sail in the Thermaic Gulf along Thessaloniki’s old beachfront. The cityscape bathed in the moonlight will steal your heart away!

Kerkini Lake

A boating trip in Lake Kerkini

Opt for an unforgettable boating trip in the arms of nature, in the calm waters of Lake Kerkini. This man-made lake is situated only 35 km NW of Serres town, amidst amazing natural surroundings, and it offers a beautiful view of Mt Beles and the valley of Rodopi. Flocks of rare bird species will keep you company while you enjoy your outing!

A swim under the moonlight

Go swimming with your better half under the moonlight in the tranquil waters of Schoinias beach; you can have this unique night swim experience only 50 km away from the centre of Athens. Walk barefoot on the sand and enjoy your cocktail in one of the beach bars along the coast.

Canal D’Amour Beach in Corfu

Natural spa on the Canal D’Amour beach

Visit the well-known Canal D’Amour Beach in Sidari, Corfu Island. Explore the unique geological formations, swim in the cool waters, treat your body with the therapeutic grey mud of its rocks and feel all the goodness of a natural spa by the seashore.

A stroll in the castle of the knights

Hold hands with your loved one and wander along the stone cobbled alleys of the medieval town on Rhodes Island and let the magic of fairy-tale surroundings take you on a journey through time!

A bicycle ride in Nafplio

Discover a new way to get around town that is more convenient, hygienic, economical and environmentally friendly.  Travel to Nafplio and enjoy a bike ride along the coast facing the Argolic Gulf as well as the well-known castles Bourtzi and Palamidi.

A carriage ride on Spetses Island

Take a trip to lordly Spetses Island and enjoy your ride on a horse-driven carriage along the coastline. Admire the island’s mansions and the Old Seaport area. Make a stop at Poseidonio square and taste the local almond sweets that are traditionally offered in weddings and other happy occasions.

Travel by train

Board the train of a bygone era, which crosses the green Vouraikos gully and then climbs the steep mountainsides of Mt Helmos all the way to Kalavryta town. Sit back and relax in the historic rack railway carriages, known as Odontotos. Enjoy with your partner the route across this lovely part of Greek countryside accessible only by train.

Aerial View of skiers at Ski Resort Vasilitsa in the mountain range of Pindos, in Greece.

Skiing under a starlit sky

If adventure is what both of you are after, then why not try your ski routines under the starlight? Every Saturday you can go for night skiing at Vasilitsa ski resort right in the heart of the Pindus range. Ski down the lighted pistes in the company of your loved one and feel the adrenaline rush in your body!

Dinner at Chora, Alonnisos Island

Taste top quality local fresh fish dishes such as lobster spaghetti and kakavia soup (made of a variety of small tasty fish); and make sure you try the Alonnisos prime quality tuna fish, maybe as one of the courses during a candlelit dinner, in a place that for some people is considered to be the loveliest Chora (main town) of the Sporades Islands!

With so many romantic activities to pick from, Greece could be rated as the perfect choice of place to pop the question, to spend your honeymoon, to celebrate your anniversary, to have a great time on your first date, or to find your better half visiting idyllic locations. Next to the amazing Greek countryside, you will find accommodation in traditional guest houses, rural tourist lodgings, youth hostels, luxury hotels, tourist resorts and mansions, offering to you and your partner the opportunity to spend the perfect holidays in Greece!

Have you spent some romantic time in Greece? Share your lovely experiences with us in the comments section below.

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Goa ranks 6th in global nightlife

Bachelorette Party at SinQ Beach Club in Candolim, Goa
 Party at a Beach Club in Candolim, Goa

Despite many controversies surrounding, Goa has been getting recognition as a safe tourism destination, what many places in India cant boast of. Goa has been positioned sixth in the list of top 10 nightlife cities in the world by ‘National Geographic’. Goa is getting world recognition for several tourism related aspects. Now enlisted as the World’s best night life cities is another feather in our cap.

goa_2651558bGoa is a safe destination for tourists 24×7 whether on or off the beach. Its night bazaars, music festivals are very popular among tourists all over world. The list mentions Goa’s beaches and laid back locales along its golden shores as the right place to be at and experience all the fun which never stops even though there is restriction on all night fests. Whether you’re seeking a secluded bolthole or all-night gyration, Goa’s beaches are right for your fantasy. Channel Goa’s hippie ’70s heyday at laid-back locales along the golden south shore.

6689055National Geographic’s ‘Top 10 Nightlife Cities’ list, Dublin in Ireland ranked first, followed by Belgrade in Serbia, La Paz in Bolivia, Sao Paulo in Brazil, San Juan in Puerto Rico, Goa In India, Ibiza in Spain, Houston in Texas, Thessaloniki in Greece and Baku in Azerbaijan.

At the top, Dublin in Ireland Wedged between Trinity College and the old city, the Temple Bar area is a decadent neighbourhood of watering holes and nightclubs. The beer flows in torrents at the Brazen Head, reputedly Ireland’s oldest pub (established 1198) and a fixture in James Joyce’s opus Ulysses. Ranked 2nd Belgrade in Serbia has a rollicking world-class nightlife. Splavovi—riverboat clubs—boom in the glorious warmth of summer. The dancing shoes come out again in the postindustrial venues of the Savamala district.

People enjoy electronic music at the nightclub "Yatch Clube" in Sao Paulo. Photo: Getty Images
People enjoy electronic music at the nightclub “Yatch Clube” in Sao Paulo. Photo: Getty Images

3rd is La Paz in Bolivia. At 11,800 feet (3,597 meters), the Bolivian capital gets a tad chilly after sunset, when residents flock to cozy drinking holes to warm their cockles and trade secrets. Don’t be bashful: This sophisticated lady greets visitors with open arms. Ever popular São Paulo in Brazil is at 4th. The choice is overwhelming in Brazil’s sensuous megacity and the traffic deadly, so spiffed-up paulistas grab a meal or drink, walk to the nearest joint, and shake it, baby, to samba, bossa nova, or (maybe) Brazilian thrash punk.


San Juan in Puerto Rico is at 5th position. Flirt like the devil in fashionable bars along San Sebastián Street, then twist to sweaty abandon in tropical clubs like Rumba—all with a piña colada in hand, of course. After Goa, comes Ibiza in Spain at 7th. If your dial is permanently set to party, Ibiza’s club circuit will keep you energised late into the Spanish night. Slide on dance floors covered in soapsuds or join pool revelers under a suspended DJ cabin. Then catch a Discobus to your next adventure.

Thessaloniki, Greece
Thessaloniki, Greece

At no 8 Houston in Texas is the only American city in the list.Take a vat of oil money, add pressed jeans and a toothy Texas grin, and you’ve got some mighty fine entertainment after sunset. Club-hopping along Washington Avenue is buzzy, unpretentious fun. The city isn’t all Stetson-and-spur cowpoke—there’s excellent theater and jazz for the artsy crowd, too. Penultimate in top 10 list is Thessaloniki, Greece. Remember those playful old Grecian mosaics? The spirit’s alive and well in the Syngrou/Valaoritou and Ladadika districts, not to mention all those beaches. Thessaloniki has more cafés per capita than any other European city. Last is Baku in Azerbaijan Waves of oil money crashed over rough-edged Baku, and what washed up became the coolest bar scene this side of the Caucasus. At the William Shakespeare, expats and Azeris might jump on the counter and get jiggy together; Konti Pub lets you tap beer from barrels above your table.

What drives you to travel?

Causeway-code_poet-4What takes you to travel to a particular place? An invitation, a good feedback from an already traveled friend or relative, a discount, a good review in a travel magazine or a good package on offer? May be either one or few of them. Indeed there are many reasons for a traveler to go to a particular place, unless he or she might be a aimless wanderer, a vagabond like many of us are. Many things to wonder for those who want to go deep in this question. Similarly a recent survey brings many new interesting facts to us. Lets have a look. Also, we have some good offerings alongside with them.


Plitvicka jezera1) Holidays Inspired by TV Shows: A new study by Marketing Magazine revealed that 18 to 35-year-olds consume six hours of media content per day, of which, 39% is spent on video (either TV, DVD or YouTube). Some of 2015’s most requested vacations are featured in popular TV shows, like HBO’s Game of Thrones. Have a look below:

  • Ireland: Westeros, where most of the action in Game of Thrones takes place, is actually filmed in Northern Ireland. A haven for travellers who want to see sprawling scenery with old world charm (think thatched roofs and freely roaming sheep) mixed with epic nights out in cosmopolitan centres like Dublin, Ireland is a place to be. Lonely Planet rated Ireland its #5 Top Country to Visit in its Best in Travel roundup. Check out Contiki’s 8-day trip to Dublin, Galway, Cork and more or experience an authentic St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin starting from USD$565.
  • DubrovnikCroatia: Popular for its beaches and epic nightlight (made popular by the world-famous Yacht Week!), ogle at Split’s Diocletian’s Palace and Zrnovica River on a Croatian Island Escape in real high definition. Croatia offers the splendour and magic of historic Europe with an energy that’s anything but ancient. Sun seekers and castle worshippers, this trip is for you.

Sailing-in-Zakinthos2) Vacation Like Royalty in Exotic Locations:  Living like royalty is a continuing aspiration. People Magazine Kate Middleton and Prince William their Top Hottest Celebrities of 2014, with their recent trip through North America creating a media frenzy.

While luxe living is reserved for the rich and famous, millennials are letting their exotic aspirations rule their plates, dining on rich, flavourful and aromatic meals that make weekday dinners feel like mini-escapes to the Mediterranean coast. The rise of exotic cuisine presents a deeper desire to explore parts unknown. 2015 will see more millennials journey to exotic destinations with ancient histories, plus plenty of time to enjoy the local delicacies.

  • Cascades_d'OuzoudGreek Sailing: For those who fawn over feta, gawk over Grecian gladiator sandals and want a holiday that’s laid-back and big on R&R, this 8-day trip will have you feeling royally awesome. From the total area of Greece about 20% consist of the Greek islands, which makes Greece a perfect area for sailing. The country has a coastline of more than 15000 kilometres. The climate along the coastline has its Mediterranean character of mild moist winters and dry hot summers.
  • Spain, Portugal and Morocco: Added by popular demand by Contiki travellers, Spain, Portugal and Morocco are the latest destinations in Contiki’s 2015 Europe line-up. Lonely Planet rated Morocco its #10 country for 2015. All it takes is a bite of tantalizing Moroccan Tagine and a day in Fez to see that this country packs flavour into every part of your day. From markets and grand bazaars, the only thing better that Morocco is enjoying a 15-day sample of Morocco, Spain AND Portugal on one unique trip.

Plage-de-la-courtade3) Multi-Region Trips Still Dominate: Millennials are High Energy travellers with a hunger to see and do it all. For 2015, the most requested trips are European getaways that span 10 to 15 days for big, epic adventures on every day of the journey.

  • European Discovery (12 Days) If trips were like courses at a dinner party, the European Discovery would be the appetiser. 8 countries in one shot gives you a taste of all the big cities plus some hidden treasures, so you know where to go next time! From Amsterdam to Rome to Paris, you won’t want to miss a thing. In fact, sleep will probably be the last thing on your mind!
  • European Highlights (15 Days) Got two weeks to spare and want to see as much of Europe as possible? Then this is the tour for you! Two night stops in the big cities – Paris, the French Riviera, Rome and Amsterdam – included sightseeing, walking tours, scenic drives…you’ll wish your holiday would never end.

It’s rare to find a trend that sticks around, but travelling the world is one that’s always in style. Make sure you look back with #NOREGRETS and enjoy travelling when you’re young.

Hidden Journeys – An entirely New Trip Style for 2015

european-wine-regionHaving identified a gap in the market for intimate travel in less visited destinations, Trafalgar, the Insider of guided vacations is offering guests even more choice with the addition of Hidden Journeys to its 2015 program. Unique properties and places are showcased through 11 Hidden Journeys of Europe and Ireland, Canada, Panama and Asia that cater to a maximum of 26 guests and feature in each destination programme for 2015.

With almost 70 years of experience in taking guests on memorable holidays around the world, Trafalgar understands the importance of choice and that one size doesn’t fit all. We have therefore expanded our trip styles to 10 with the inclusion of Hidden Journeys from next year.

rocamadour-black-madonnaFrom sampling wines at boutique estates to staying in distinct Ryokan accommodation, these Hidden Journeys visit amazing destinations in harder to reach places that are often best suited to smaller sized groups. With this in mind, Trafalgar has designed these itineraries primarily for those guests who like to travel in a more intimate setting, whilst still enjoying the peace of mind in travelling with an expert Travel Director and discovering exclusive Insider Experiences.

Kambly biscuit factoryFeatured in Trafalgar’s 2015 Europe & Britain brochure are six Secrets of Italy, Ireland, France, Greece, Switzerland and Turkey Hidden Journeys. Guests will be treated to many Insider Experiences including being welcomed onto the grounds of an Italian family-run winery for a tour of the property and sumptuous meal with accompany local wines. They’ll also meet many Local Specialists and discover places like the Black Madonna in the French cliff-face town of Rocamadour, and uncover Cultural Insights such as learning about the production of Greek wine and visiting Switzerland’s famed Kambly biscuit factory. When in Turkey, guests will explore the country’s scenic coastline aboard a traditional gullet cruise yacht, and later stay in an Authentic Accommodation Cappadocia Dilek Kaya cave hotel.

Turkey gulet cruise yachtTrafalgar has also added Hidden Journeys to its 2015 USA & Canada, South America and Asia brochures which include unique Insider Moments like tasting berry wines at Canada’s only Kosher winery, and dressing in a traditional ‘yukata’ for dinner at a Japanese monastery inn in Mt Koya before bathing in onsen water and sleeping on a tatami mats.

To celebrate the launch of the new product line, Trafalgar is offering an Early Payment Discount on 2015 Hidden Journeys guided vacations when booked and paid by Feb 12th, 2015!

Trafalgar is the world’s leading guided vacation company offering exceptional quality and value itineraries to a range of exciting destinations. With some 68 years of experience and unrivaled local expertise, Trafalgar provides an authentic insider’s view to create truly unique travel experiences in Europe, Britain and Eastern Mediterranean, South Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, China, Mexico, Central and South America, USA and Canada.