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Stepping into history – Adalaj VavStepping into history – Adalaj Vav

Adalaj is a suburb of Ahmedabad in Gujarat and Vav is a term in Gujarati which means a step well. This term is also probably derived from hindi term for step well, i.e. Bavari (बावड़ी). Adalaj Vav is among the few remaining step wells in Gujarat and among the most popular ones besides the Rani […]



Colour and culture at Dangs DarbarColour and culture at Dangs Darbar

Dang Darbar to be held on 13th March 14 upto 15th March 14 honours a tradition that began in British times when the rulers and other leaders of villages got together for gathering called “Darbar”. The tradition continues today in the Dangs, a tribal dominated district in South Gujarat in India as many of the former Rajas and Naiks […]


Be in Rann this DecemberBe in Rann this December

On a full moon night, in a clear lit sky you can mistake it to be a calm sea. Such is the beauty of Rann of Kutch. One of the most unusual places to be… vivid, diverse, colourful and adventurous like no other. And it is the time to be there… Gujarat Tourism has announced […]