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Where To Watch Cricket In IndiaWhere To Watch Cricket In India

There is plenty to see on a visit to India. It’s a dense, beautiful and historic country that offers everything from pristine beaches and culturally fascinating small towns to big cities and historic buildings and monuments. You can travel to India to get to know the country, soak in some luxury, or do some more […]



Mesmerizing Golconda FortMesmerizing Golconda Fort

Its easy to narrate a story but tough to make it feel. That’s what sound and light show at Golconda fort near Hyderabad successfully does. Golconda, one of the most famous and the biggest fortress in the Deccan plateau, is an important milestone in Indian history. Enthralling, making you miss a heartbeat, and blink an […]


Musical Clock, Salarjung MuseumMusical Clock, Salarjung Museum

The English Bracket Clock at Salarjung Museum in Hyderabad is said to have manufactured in England and assembled in Calcutta in the late 19th century. It was acquired by Salar Jung III, Nawab Mir Yousuf  Ali Khan (1889-1949) from the Cooke and Kelvey Co. Clock has more than 350 parts. It contains a mechanism by […]


Photos – Pigeons of Mecca MasjidPhotos – Pigeons of Mecca Masjid

Charminar and Mecca Masjid are two landmarks of Hyderabad and pigeons are another landmarks of mecca masjid where all Nizams of Hyderabad lie in peace. The historical Mecca Masjid abounds with flocks of cooing pigeons. Hundreds of people come here every morning to feed the pigeons including non Muslims in considerable number. Mecca masjid is a […]