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Milking a lake and killing it too!Milking a lake and killing it too!

Its the story of the ‘goose that laid the golden egg’. Quite similar to my earlier post on Hills: Don’t we need them anymore. But irony is, while the earlier story was about a place some distance from Delhi, this one is right from the heart of the capital. This too is about something equally […]



Waiting to bask in glory!Waiting to bask in glory!

With sunlight ready to colour them, two pairs of Mallard Ducks trying to move away from my constant gaze of my camera lens. Belonging to the Anatidae family, these ducks migrate to many wetlands in Delhi NCR region as well during the winters. Sanjay Lake in east Delhi has a good number of mallards every […]


Photo of the Day – We are backPhoto of the Day – We are back

It was heartening to see the couple of painted storks back in the lake. It was bit pleasantly surprising also, because winters this year  seem to be arriving bit late as its already mid-October and maximum temperature is still hovering around 35o celsius. So sight of migratory birds in the lake (Sanjay Lake, East Delhi), […]


Earth Day: Photo of the dayEarth Day: Photo of the day

Its Earth day today. Lets make each other happier by making our earth happy. Let’s demonstrate support for environmental protection. Let’s make our cities more green, more sustainable. This painted stork migrates every year at a lake in the heart of  Delhi, very close to where I live. Watching him daily for months keep myself reminding […]