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Once in a Blue Moon!

Rare phenomenon  need to be captured through extraordinary attempts. My extraordinary was to be stationed at same place for more than two hours clicking images at regular intervals. But not

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A Supermoon on a night so revered!

It is one of the most awaited celestial phenomenon of the year- the Supermoon. This year it was special as moon was closest to earth  since 1948. It was just 356,

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This full moon will also be a supermoon

I talked about the events and festivals related to the coming full moon day, referred to as Kartik Poornima in hindu calendar in my last post . (Read it here:

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Photo of the day – The night after!

Beholding history! Moon at its illuminating best, trying to come out from the cloud cover of an Indian monsoon, putting the past into a perspective.

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