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Gajah Museum : A slice of Indonesian culture

In my earlier post about Jakarta, I had mentioned about the National Museum of Indonesia. The building which houses this museum is called as Gedung Gajah because of an elephant

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Calling on friends! To be in the company!!

Who likes to be alone! Whether it is a human being or birds, everybody looks for a sweet, cute, like-minded company!! Isn’t it.. As is a line of a popular

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Divas, Alila and the Goa

Goa is always fun and fascinating. It charms you everytime. So has been my second trip to Majorda beach in South Goa, albeit a short one. This time around, it

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My prized catch – A photo gallery

Migratory birds are treat to be shot (through camera of course). They are here, in many parts of the peninsular India. This is the most awaited time to visit the

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Photo of the Day – We are back

It was heartening to see the couple of painted storks back in the lake. It was bit pleasantly surprising also, because winters this year  seem to be arriving bit late

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Singapore River Festival – A photo journey

There is no better way to celebrate a nation’s golden jubilee but to go back to where it all began – the Singapore River. Taking place from Friday, 23rd October to Sunday,

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Flight to moon!

Flight to moon! An alert camera, a good window seat, excellent weather and a powerful zoom may sometimes give you some interesting situations to click upon, while on flight. Here

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Ocean on fire – World Photography Day special

Indian Ocean on fire, hundreds of kilometres south-west of Indian coast, deep inside the sea and close to Maldives. Don’t know about others, but I have no qualms in accepting

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Trident & Tricolour- Flying high

Trishul peak and Indian Tricolour, what a perfect match- both in awe of each other. Something of a rare sight this is, as seen from Kausani in Uttarakhand, one of

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Beauty and the bee-holder

I love Kairali (Wellness Resort near Palakkad in Kerala) , not just for its Ayurvedic treatment and wellness qualities but also for its overall aura. Place is beautiful and so

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