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Menar again, for owls and vultures this timeMenar again, for owls and vultures this time

Menar seems to have find a place in my every winter trip to Udaipur. So, when I was in my hometown ‘City of Lakes’ once again this winter, I had already planned a morning of birding trip. Well, that all depended on birder friends to accompany as I am still quite unfamiliar with that region. […]



Poetry in motion: Birds in flight at MangalajodiPoetry in motion: Birds in flight at Mangalajodi

Mangalajodi has been an extraordinary experience for lot many reasons. Since my first visit to Chilika almost a decade ago, I was always keen to return to this place for another bird-watching stint. Then, had heard some extraordinary things about Mangalajodi- it being the poachers haven and then a turn-around which converted hunters to protectors. […]


Once in a Blue Moon!Once in a Blue Moon!

Rare phenomenon  need to be captured through extraordinary attempts. My extraordinary was to be stationed at same place for more than two hours clicking images at regular intervals. But not a big ask when one has to capture a rare spectacle of Super Blood Blue Moon. To me what was more exciting is the fact […]